Yihi SX mini 60W by Yihiecigar [Flash Test]
Yihi SX mini 60W by Yihiecigar [Flash Test]

Yihi SX mini 60W by Yihiecigar [Flash Test]

A. Commercial specifications

  • [/ if] Price of the tested product: 159 Euros
  • Mod type: Electronics AND mechanics
  • Type of shape: Box mini - IStick type

B. Data sheet

  • Maximum power: 85 watts
  • Maximum voltage: 9.5
  • Minimum value of resistance for a start; 0.2 Ohms
  • Length or height of the product: 95 mms
  • Product Width or Height: 45 mms
  • Weight with battery: 1 grams
  • Material dominating set: Aluminum

C. Packaging

  • Packaging quality: Very good
  • Presence of a notice: Yes

D. Qualities and use

  • Overall quality: Exceptional
  • Quality of rendering: Very good
  • Stability of the rendering: Very good
  • Ease of implementation: Very easy

E. Conclusions and comments of the user who authored the journal

When you pick it up, the SX mini leaves a clear feeling of quality and solidity. Rounded corners are nice, and its shape changes from classic rectangular boxes 🙂

I did not find her weight in the specs and I do not have anything to weigh it but I would say that it is moderately heavy: it feels good when it is in the pocket, but without deforming it 🙂

The SX mini can vape up to 60 W and has a bypass mode that allows you to use it as a mecha but keeping the protection of electro. In this mode, you can reach 85 W!

It accepts resistances from 0,15 to 3 ohms, a range that offers many possibilities of setup. Being able to go down as low as resistance was until recently reserved for the mods mecha; it is possible today while enjoying the security provided by electronics.

The screen is orientable and the navigation is simple. You navigate through the menus using the buttons, and you change the settings by tilting the mod on one side or the other.

The display is clear and very complete. The indicated resistance value seems accurate and corresponds to what is indicated by an ohmmeter of correct quality.

The mod offers 5 memories that retain 5 different settings, very convenient to quickly adapt to the chosen ato.

In addition to the power setting, there is the possibility to select 3 modes: Soft, Standard, Powerful. These modes affect how the voltage is delivered:

    • Soft: at fire, the mod starts below the selected power, then goes up gradually

    • Standard: the voltage delivered is constant throughout the fire

    • Powerful: aufire, the mod starts above the selected power, then goes up gradually.

      This mode is particularly useful for compensating for a "diesel" effect.

The stud of the 510 connector which was a screw on the previous version (but not adjustable, which caused some returns in SAV), is now a brass stud mounted on spring. Atos of 22 mm fall flush, without problem of contact. The thread is precise and deep, and a slot allows to use atos whose air flow is from the bottom.

It is possible to charge the battery via the USB port; even if the use of a charger is always preferable, this possibility is very useful on the move.

The battery is easily accessible by unscrewing the hatch with a coin.

The USB port also allows, when the box is connected to a PC, to use the SXi software. Via this software, you can access the settings of the box, but also update the firmware when a new version is available. The update is done in a few seconds.

In use, the switch is wide and well placed, allowing easy handling. The switch as 2 adjustment buttons are accurate, and leave the impression of a neat design.

The screen, placed on the side and set back, is easily accessible and well protected against a nuisance. At idle the screen goes off after 1 minute, preserving the autonomy of the battery.

The quality of the vape is at the rendezvous, thanks to the great performance of the SX350 chipset.

In conclusion, despite a relatively high price, the SXmini is a safe investment for those looking for a box of excellent quality, versatile and relatively discreet, without having to go beyond 60 / 85 W.

I find it well above other models (cheaper) of comparable dimensions.

Note from the user author of the review: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

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