Adapter for Hybrid connection
Adapter for Hybrid connection

Adapter for Hybrid connection


I looked for several info on the adapters so that some of my setups are "flush".

Unfortunately I did not find much, and the little information I found was sometimes wrong.

So I'm going to present this to you so that you do not have the same unpleasant surprises as me.

As far as we are concerned, I found 4 types of adapters for the most common:

  • M21x1
  • M20x0.5
  • M20.5 × 0.5
  • M20x1

"M" means that it is an ISO metric thread, it is a precise machining form according to criteria for threading.

The following figure is the diameter of the adapter.

For the last one, it is the "step", it gives information on the distance that the screw travels by taking a turn. For example on an M7x0.5 (the thread of our 510 connectors) the screw will advance by 0.5mm every turn. "

The M21x1:

I did not find an adapter, but there are tops cap corresponding to these dimensions.

I admit you have not searched too much for this model because it fits especially on mods of diameter 23mm like Chi You, Caravela (in 23), King Mod ...

The M20x0.5:

Hybrid Adapter - 1


It is a model that is easily found, which is not very expensive and which adapts mainly on the Stingray.

There are some disadvantages to this model.

It is sold without insulation and the risk of short circuit is important.

Without insulation and with a screw head, for the positive pole, just out (when it comes out), it is imperative to use nipple accumulators to have contact.

No adjustment is possible for the pin contact. However a safe "hacking" is possible (I tell you at the end of the tutorial).

Brass is a nice material, but it's a softer material than steel, wear, threads in the room, do not hold, and your adapter is unusable.

Result in image:


The M20.5 × 0.5:


It is an uncommon size on mods, and is mainly used on nemesis.

To my knowledge, there are three types of adapters in these dimensions:

The first is exclusively made for the association with the Nemesis and the kayfun V3.1

The second is very similar to the M20x0.5 model described above. With the same advantages and disadvantages. However, it is found in three materials (steel, copper or brass)

Hybrid Adapter - 5

Yes we find a third type of adapter, which is in my opinion the most interesting and especially the safest. It comes in 4 small parts: the adapter, the insulator and a small plate pierced at its center to insert the contact screw.


Each piece has a meaning.

The adapter, as it is on the first photo, is screwed on the atomizer by plating this face (because there is a slight stall, in the center, in the machining of this piece), against the base of the atomizer.

Then we will add with a screwdriver on the upper part of the insulation, the small plate pierced in its center. Then add the screw.

The adapter and insulation, not being very thick, the two pieces thus obtained, will only once placed on the 510 connection of your atomizer.

The advantage of this system is to be completely safe with respect to circuit courses, the accumulator used does not need to be nipple and conductivity is well ensured

The set can finally be inserted into the mod.


Result in image:


The only minor drawback on this adapter is the absence of a hole on the brass part, which is difficult to remove when it stays in the mod by removing the atomizer. But it is easy to drill a small hole to overcome this inconvenience.

The M20x1:

It is used for many Mods, in short almost all: Gus, GP paps, Caravela in 21mm and 22mm, JM22, Bagua, Surfrider, Small Gros, GP Heron and many more ...

I have seen many models in this dimension, some with or without insulation, but the most common is this one:



Its function remains the same as that of the other adapters, but this one has a slight peculiarity. One of its faces is not completely flat. There is a rim that allows, when inserted into the mod, to rely on the insulating part of the accumulator, and the pad 510 of the atomizer, is less exposed to the risk of circuit course. This makes it possible to use accumulators with a flat positive pole if the screw of your atomizers emerges sufficiently. Otherwise, there too you will need to use a pin accumulator.

Result in image:


Note on this image, a thread of the mod, shorter, because the adapter, reduces the size of mod.


Adapters are not compatible with all mods, although of corresponding "M" size.

Admittedly they can fit, but the reduction in size of the object is sometimes too important for the battery can touch both the Switch and the pole 510 ato.

So I propose a simple little trick: the manufacture of insulation.

Take an insulating material easy to cut, like an old store card.

With a compass, draw a round of 18 mm diameter, with a good chisel cut this washer, and with the help of a twist, drill the center (a nail and a hammer will do).

Find a small screw (more or less short / long) according to the needs of catching the size.


That's it, your insulation is ready to use. The downside is that it will float in the mod, but will settle with all, so check before closing the setup, the head of the screw is towards the battery, and the tip to the positive pole to the atomizer.

Be rigorous about the size of the washer (18mm) and the drilling of the center so that it does not shift.


Below a video of complement with all the details as for this insulating piece created by me:

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