4 Thieves Potion by The French Liquid (Apothecary Secrets range)
4 Thieves Potion by The French Liquid (Apothecary Secrets range)

4 Thieves Potion by The French Liquid (Apothecary Secrets range)

Characteristics of the juice tested

  • Sponsor who lent the material for the review: Le French Liquide
  • Price of the tested packaging: 11.90 Euros
  • Quantity: 17 Ml
  • Price per ml: 0.7 Euros
  • Price per liter: 700 Euros
  • Juice category according to price per ml previously calculated: Mid-range, from 0.61 to 0.75 euro ml
  • Nicotine dosage: 12 Mg / Ml
  • Proportion of Vegetable Glycerin: 50%


  • Presence of a box: Yes
  • Are the materials making up the box recyclable ?: Yes
  • Presence of a seal of inviolability: Yes
  • Material of the bottle: Glass, the packaging will be usable for the filling, only if the stopper is equipped with a pipette
  • Cork equipment: Glass pipette
  • Characteristic of the tip: No tip, will require the use of a filling syringe if the cap is not equipped
  • Name of the juice present in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Display PG-VG proportions in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Wholesale nicotine dosage display on the label: Yes

Steamer note for packaging: 4.4 / 5 4.4 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

Secrets d'Apothicaire range of French Liquide represents the Premium of the brand. Today, we begin the witchcraft trial of the gang's rascal, the 4 Thieves Potion. Because, if all the categories are represented in this versatile and colorful range, this renegade symbolizes when to him the cursed category of raw tobacco. So, hang him or give him thanks? The question is in the defense:

"The packaging is fully in line with consumer expectations, Judge! The vapoteur, whether beginner or confirmed, will find all the necessary information and the bottle remains usable in almost all conditions. So I propose the relaxe. "

The public accuser remains silent, he knows that on this point, he has nothing to complain about. He is waiting, his eyes dark and bad, because his revenge will be even more brilliant later ...

Legal, security, sanitary, and religious compliance

  • Presence of a child safety on the cap: Yes
  • Clear pictograms on the label: Yes
  • Presence of embossed markings for misleading on the label: Yes
  • 100% of the juice compounds are indicated on the label: Yes
  • Presence of alcohol: Yes. Be careful if you are sensitive to this substance
  • Presence of distilled water: Yes. Beware the harmlessness of distilled water is not yet demonstrated
  • Presence of essential oils: No
  • Compliance HIDE: Do not know
  • HALAL compliance: Do not know
  • Indication of the name of the laboratory producing the juice: Yes
  • Presence of contacts needed to reach a consumer service on the label: Yes
  • Batch number on the label: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding the respect of various conformities (except religious): 4.25 / 5 4.3 5 out of stars

Comments on the security, legal, health and religious aspects

"Your Honor, the safety concerns of the manufacturer can not be doubted. Indeed, all the legal and security notices are present, either on the bottle or on the box so we are in compliance with all the requests of the Holy Inquisition. "

The accuser gets up, pale, and yells, "And the water in this devil's recipe, what do you do with it?"

"Your honor, there is water in this liquid but it only serves to fluidify the vegetable glycerin and I remind you that even Solimar of Tourain, the Grand Inquisitor himself, has not managed to demonstrate the harm of inhaled water in the aerosol of the electronic cigarette. Besides, if it were really dangerous, we would have hecatombs in saunas and other steam rooms, do not you think? "

"Yes, and religious compliance then?"

"Dear Accuser, do not tell me that you were expecting an aura of sanctity for an e-liquid called" 4 Thieves' Potion ". At least, the color is announced right away, right? "

The Judge smiles, the accuser sits down, whiter than usual. But his death mask hides a semi-smile, he has not yet released his shock argument ...

Appreciation of the packaging

  • Does the graphic design of the label and the product name agree ?: Yes
  • Global correspondence of the packaging with the product name: Yes
  • The packaging effort is in line with the price category: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding packaging with regard to juice category: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

"The packaging is just perfect, your Honor! Very inspired by the potions of the alchemists, with this colored glass of red and its parchment label, we can only salute the efforts of the manufacturer to show off his potion. When we bring this package back to its price, which for a Premium makes it even accessible to beggars, we can only pay tribute to the work done. Well illustrated, well developed, this potion can only delight the eyes before delighting the taste buds. "

Strangely, the Accuser does not bounce. he knows in advance that it is not on this subject that he will have won. Draped in his black robe of dignitary of the Great Inquisition, he feeds himself in advance of the next question and savor the silence announcing a storm that hangs over the audience.

Sensory appreciations

  • Color and product name agree ?: Yes
  • Does the smell and product name agree ?: No
  • Definition of the smell: Fruity, Sweet, Tobacco Blonde
  • Definition of taste: Sweet, Fruit, Tobacco
  • The taste and the name of the product, do they agree ?: Yes
  • Did I like this juice ?: Yes
  • This liquid reminds me:

    A wild but subtle pipe tobacco.

Vapelier's note on sensory experience: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the taste appreciation of the juice

The long shadowy figure of the Accuser rises in a raven bird rustle that snorts. Her long jay cape that trails to the ground gives her a diabolical aura and the shadow she projects engulfs the audience with a thick darkness.

"Judge, we must burn this abomination at the stake. Because I tasted this preparation of sorcerer and I found tobacco there! Yes, tobacco, your honor. This cunning grass that only the Guilds Of Cigarette Gentlemen has to use. Here is the irrefutable proof of the devil's hand on this evil potion! "

The Judge notes, nodding gravely and motioning for the defender to step forward and speak.

"Your Honor, far from me the idea to say that the sense of taste of the Accuser could be faulted. Indeed, there is tobacco in this potion. I felt for myself a tobacco blond or yellow very powerful, probably a Virginia. He is strong and a bit bitter indeed and his hit is powerful in throat. Secondly, I also smelled sweet honey, certainly softened by a fruit that I feel is banana and probably a mysterious spice. In short, it is very close to a pipe tobacco a little wild, rather the one that sailors consume with their burners that the magicians with their long pipe. But do we forbid the pipes of sailors for this? And finally, even the Tribunal Perfide et Dévoyé (TPD), set up with the assistance of our Grand Inquisitor, will find nothing to complain about since the electronic cigarette is considered a tobacco product. So the argument of the Accused does not hold. "

Camped on both feet, he is about to carry the blow.

"I would like to add, your Honor, that this liquid is intended for aficionados of brutal and wild tobacco and not for honest chubby citizens who prefer creamy desserts or fresh fruit. And I can even tell you that, at the sight of this slightly turbid liquid, I can deduce that it is the fruit of the maceration of a natural tobacco. Also, even if it clogs a little bit coils, it will delight lovers of grass Nicot, especially when it is prepared with such subtlety. And then, between us, this liquid is called "Potion 4 thieves". What were you waiting for thieves to swallow, violet? "

Dismissed, the Accuser sits down again, his pale complexion turned to livid, too much smoked tobacco, no doubt ... He thinks of the accounts he will have to give to his masters who officiate in the shadows and feels that his career will undergo a noticeable inflection. The audience is thrilled and calls for the unconditional release of the defendant.

Tasting recommendations

  • Recommended power for optimal taste: 17 W
  • Type of vapor obtained at this power: Dense
  • Hit type obtained at this power: Powerful
  • Atomizer used for the review: Taifun GT, Igo-L
  • Value of the resistance of the atomizer in question: 1.6
  • Materials used with the atomizer: Kantal, Cotton

Comments and recommendations for an optimal tasting

To taste warm / hot in an atomizer allowing the flavors to express themselves to feel the subtlety of this tobacco so slightly greedy that even the Accuser was allowed to take ....

Recommended Moments

  • Recommended times of day: Morning - coffee breakfast, Late lunch / dinner with a coffee, End of lunch / dinner with a digestive, All afternoon during the activities of everyone, Early evening to relax with a glass
  • Can this juice be recommended as an All Day Vape: No

Overall average (excluding packaging) of the Vapelier for this juice: 4.55 / 5 4.6 5 out of stars

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My mood ticket on this juice

The Judge gets up, his parchment in his hand and pronounces the sentence.

"Whereas the accused is considered a tobacco product and contains it.

Whereas its taste is interesting and not without a certain fruity and honeyed subtlety.

Whereas its packaging is neat and does not make fun of consumers.

Whereas it is a rare liquid in the current profusion of fruity or greedy who are more or less alike.

I condemn it to be steamed until the bottle is dry! May this be recorded and written! "

The Accuser leaves the room grumbling and the defender gets up, tired but happy. He knows now that, even in an uncertain future, the Inquisition will strike less than it thinks and that the variety of flavors will remain on the menu of each vaper.

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