Pop-Corn (Vintage Range) by Vintage
Pop-Corn (Vintage Range) by Vintage

Pop-Corn (Vintage Range) by Vintage

Characteristics of the juice tested

  • Sponsor having lent material for the review: Vintage
  • Price of the tested packaging: 9.5 Euros
  • Quantity: 16 Ml
  • Price per ml: 0.59 Euros
  • Price per liter: 590 Euros
  • Juice category according to the price per ml previously calculated: Entry level, up to 0.60 euro the ml
  • Nicotine dosage: 3 Mg / Ml
  • Proportion of Vegetable Glycerin: 50%


  • Presence of a box: No
  • Are the materials making up the box recyclable ?:
  • Presence of a seal of inviolability: Yes
  • Material of the bottle: Glass, the packaging will be usable for the filling, only if the stopper is equipped with a pipette
  • Cork equipment: Glass pipette
  • Characteristic of the tip: No tip, will require the use of a filling syringe if the cap is not equipped
  • Name of the juice present in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Display PG-VG proportions in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Wholesale nicotine dosage display on the label: Yes

Steamer note for packaging: 3.73 / 5 3.7 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

The Pop Corn from Millésime is part of one of the 2 novelties that fit into their range (the other being their Tobacco of Excellence). This Pop Corn is bottled (for the test) in a glass bottle of 16ml (also available in 30ml) with a pipette cap. It is available with five different levels of nicotine: 0 - 2,5 - 5 - 10 and 15 mg / ml. The percentage for the base used, is the one that goes everywhere and that's good, because it allows neophytes to go from smoke to steam.

The bottle, because of its capacity (16ml), has a style that I appreciate. It is more easily transportable than those in 30ml that we see almost everywhere (soon it will be a sweet memory).

For the price, the range is well placed. It is positioned in the entry-level, and does not cross the level higher than a few cents.


Legal, security, sanitary, and religious compliance

  • Presence of a child safety on the cap: Yes
  • Clear pictograms on the label: Yes
  • Presence of embossed markings for misleading on the label: Yes
  • 100% of the juice compounds are indicated on the label: Yes
  • Presence of alcohol: No
  • Presence of distilled water: No
  • Presence of essential oils: No
  • Compliance HIDE: Do not know
  • HALAL compliance: Do not know
  • Indication of the name of the laboratory producing the juice: Yes
  • Presence of contacts needed to reach a consumer service on the label: Yes
  • Batch number on the label: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding the respect of various conformities (except religious): 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the security, legal, health and religious aspects

Despite the fact that this company is at the beginning of a long history, it does not ignore alerts and information of any kind. You will find the necessary pictograms to avoid any confusion (DLUO, batch, infos, contacts, warnings in relief, recycling ... ..)

Well arranged and legible, they form the necessary framework against the new mandatory standards of the moment, since everything can evolve in one direction or the other.

The seriousness of this "newbie society" will adapt if, tired war, everything is moving in this area, I have no doubt.

Appreciation of the packaging

  • Are the graphic design of the label and the name of the product in agreement ?: Bof
  • Global correspondence of the packaging with the product name: Bof
  • The packaging effort is in line with the price category: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding packaging with regard to juice category: 3.33 / 5 3.3 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

Visual level, we are not on what is sexiest. This should not be biased, because their juices are more typical "finesse" than "bombass". So it's sparse, serious, and it sticks to the accompanying container. I think it's an aesthetically-accepted choice, and good in the concordance of the style wanting to be produced.

A crown and some stars on a black background, with white writing so as not to waste time looking for the different information needed. The name of the range and, by declination, that of the company, the name of the product, then the nicotine level and the values ​​of PG / VG.

There is not enough when the essential is put forward. After that, it would have fallen into untimely embroidery.

Popcorn 1

Sensory appreciations

  • Color and product name agree ?: Yes
  • Does the smell and product name agree ?: Yes
  • Definition of smell: Pastry cook
  • Definition of taste: Sweet, Vanilla, Light
  • The taste and the name of the product, do they agree ?: Yes
  • Did I like this juice ?: Yes
  • This liquid reminds me: The moment the corn grain becomes popcorn over the heat of the pan.

Vapelier's note on sensory experience: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the taste appreciation of the juice

On unblocking, a slightly caramelized vanilla smell takes over the atmosphere. For the tasting, we feel that we have stripped this recipe of all the massive additives that we used to take in the mouth (Big up American's).

Very "hungry" sweet, a caramel passes first the stage of inspiration, then arrives the popcorn. Rather light in the mouth, it is quite natural in its declination.

We are far from blown corn kernels dripping with butter or other fats. There, it is in the light of something more neutral and purer, which is none the less unpleasant. It will be necessary to be patient to take a pleasure taste, well beyond the other existing productions which you "slap its mother" of office.

After several sessions of consumption, I have a very virtual impression of having this sensation when, during the ingestion of real popcorn, particles of the shell of the grain come to get stuck between the teeth.


Tasting recommendations

  • Recommended power for optimal taste: 20 W
  • Type of steam obtained at this power: Normal (type T2)
  • Type of hit obtained at this power: Light
  • Atomizer used for the review: Igo-L / Nectar Tank
  • Value of the resistance of the atomizer in question: 1.2
  • Materials used with the atomizer: Kanthal, Cotton, Fiber Freaks

Comments and recommendations for an optimal tasting

I first attributed low resistances in the 0.6Ω, but I think it burns the tasting. Then I mounted more coils in a rebuildable atomizer, with values ​​ranging from 1.1Ω to 1.4Ω and it's perfect (from my point of view). With a power located in the 20W, it is adequate to appreciate this natural popcorn and not dripping.

In my opinion, it is rather intended for the category of first-time buyers, so it is better to be high in the resistances and low in the wattage.

Recommended Moments

  • Recommended moments of the day: Morning, Morning - breakfast coffee, Morning - breakfast chocolate, Morning - breakfast tea, End of lunch / dinner with a coffee, End of lunch / dinner with a digestive, All the afternoon during the activities of everyone
  • Can this juice be recommended as an All Day Vape: Yes

Overall average (excluding packaging) of the Vapelier for this juice: 4.58 / 5 4.6 5 out of stars

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My mood ticket on this juice

In the beginning, I come to not be too much of a gustatory phase with this formula. Usually, this kind of recipe explodes gustantly in the mouth, to be sated to the limit of nausea. With this one, time is playing for him. My palate accepts the fact that pleasure is a long-term journey.

After leaving it alone, it's easy to wake up for a few hours and feel a new pleasure. Notes to the limit of nuts come to break (amazing !!!!). The caramel side takes on more breadth, without being dripping. After 2 days, I come back, and I have an impression that we have slightly rewritten the recipe to make it better, while remaining in the perspective of a finely crafted work.

It is to wonder if the creators did not forget to mention in their description that the juice should be opened, then put in phase of rest !!! That's what I did, and I strongly recommend it. It takes a turn in high values ​​of taste.


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