Pegasus by Aspire
Pegasus by Aspire

Pegasus by Aspire

Commercial characteristics

  • Sponsor having loaned the product for the magazine: Evaps
  • Price of the tested product: 69.90 Euros
  • Product category according to its selling price: Mid-range (from 41 to 80 euros)
  • Mod type: Variable power electronics and temperature control
  • Is the mod telescopic? No
  • Maximum power: 70 watts
  • Maximum voltage: 8
  • Minimum value in Ohms resistance for a start: 0.2

Reviewer comments on business characteristics

In the first frosts of this month of October, the boxes fall from the sky like the golden fleece of the trees. Each one has in its DNA a small drop of mischief, a gene of genius and the promise of a thousand clouds all smelling more than the others. Only in the memory of the great ancients is there still the image of a time when tubular mods flourished like a bed of primroses in spring. A bit like my great-grandfather remembered the Grand Bi, my grandfather the birth of the Ford Mustang, my father the disappearance of Gabin, I remember in my turn the first time I took a Caravela in the hand. I held the world and the greatest sanitary revolution of this century in my palm, not without a schoolboy emotion in front of his first love.

But hay of nostalgia. In this shower of boxs, Aspire hopes to be in the fray and to fight. Until now, its production in this field was existing but not very advanced. We remember of course small friendly boxes but always leaving with a train late for others, leaving the victory to Eleaf in the price war, that of "Temperature Control" to Joyetech (2013) Evolv and Yihi and that of the miniaturization to Kanger and other Smoktech. Because, if Aspire is still a studious student and often generates applied and interesting products, it is generally lacking in its production, in terms of mods, the little touch of novelty that can make the difference.

So, Aspire comes out these days the Pegasus, a beautiful box capable of sending 70W between 0.2 and 5Ω, working in temperature control mode and accepting a battery 18650. And this, for a rate in the average for boxes with equivalent benefits. Scalpel and scalpel, please! And proceed to the examination of the box that bears the name of the famous winged horse of Greek mythology.

Aspire Pegasus height

Physical characteristics and felt quality

  • Width or Diameter of the product in mms: 23.50
  • Product Length or Height in mms: 91.05
  • Product weight in grams: 211.9
  • Material constituting the product: Stainless steel, Aluminum, PMMA
  • Form Factor Type: Classic Box - VaporShark Type
  • Decorative style: Classic
  • Quality of decoration: Good
  • Is the coating of the mod sensitive to fingerprints? Yes
  • All components of this mod seem well assembled? Yes
  • Fire button position: Lateral near the top cap
  • Fire button type: Mechanical metal on contact rubber
  • Number of buttons in the interface, including touch areas if they are present: 1
  • Type of User Interface Buttons: Metal Adjustment Knob
  • Quality of the interface button (s): Excellent I love this button in every way
  • Number of parts in the product: 2
  • Number of threads: 1
  • Quality of the threads: Very good
  • Overall, do you appreciate the quality of manufacture of this product with regard to its price? Yes

Rating of the vapelier as to feelings quality: 3.5 / 5 3.5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on physical characteristics and perceived quality

Beautiful, with a pleasant grip thanks to a curved profile in the palm of the hand, the Pegasus presents very well.

It seems to be made of several metals or materials. Aluminum for blanks, chromed metal for top and bottom caps, steel for buttons and PMMA for the slice with the screen.

High enough, it makes a good centimeter eVic VT that is comparable. It is shallower, a bit like an IPV2 and its width is limited by its shape, although it can easily accommodate the aesthetics of 23mm atomizers.

Its construction is very good, as often at the manufacturer. I am a little skeptical about the durability of the coating that surrounds aluminum but unfortunately we find this problem on mods much more expensive. Its weight is substantial, it is not a mini box, but it is in the right average in its market niche.

Aspire Pegasus face

Functional features

  • Type of chipset used: Owner
  • Connection type: 510, Ego - via an adapter
  • Adjustable positive plot? Yes, through a floating pine.
  • Lock system ? Electronic
  • Quality of the locking system: Good, the function does what it is for
  • Features offered by mod: Battery charge display, Resistance value display, Short circuit protection from atomizer, Reverse battery polarity protection, Display of current vape voltage , Display of the power of the current vape, Fixed protection against overheating of the atomizer resistors, Temperature control of the atomizer resistors, Clear diagnostic messages
  • Accusability: 18650
  • Does the mod support stacking? No
  • Number of batteries supported: 1
  • Does the mod retain its configuration without batteries? Yes
  • Does the mod offer a recharge feature? Charging function possible via Micro-USB
  • Is the recharge function pass-through? Yes
  • Does the mode offer a Power Bank function? No power bank function offered by the mod
  • Does the mode offer other functions? No other function offered by the mod
  • Presence of a regulation of the flow of air? No, nothing is planned to feed an atomizer from below
  • Maximum diameter in mms of compatibility with an atomizer: 23
  • Accuracy of the output power at full charge of the battery: Excellent, there is no difference between the requested power and the actual power
  • Accuracy of the output voltage at full charge of the battery: Good, there is a tiny difference between the requested voltage and the actual voltage

Vapelier's note regarding functional characteristics: 3.5 / 5 3.5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on functional features

Aspire has made some choices that are worth a visit. If none of them is fundamental, it is necessary to note that they facilitate life well.

First, there is the battery access door that is spring loaded and unlockable with a single finger. Practical above all and having an aspect that indicates a good reliability of the device over time. The spring seems solid and the hatch itself is massive (and equipped with vents degassing). A good point.

Aspire Pegasus underneath

At Aspire, we do not support to increase or decrease the power. A steel adjustment wheel is rotated which, depending on the speed being printed, will increment or decrement the values ​​slowly or rapidly. It's simple and it works. The thumbwheel is flexible enough to work easily but hard enough to withstand accidental change. Yet another positive point that deserves attention.

Access to temperature control is childish. Simply place a NI200 equipped atomizer on the 510 connector and press the switch for about three seconds and the display will switch directly to the correct mode. At this point, the wheel will operate on the temperature setting in Fahrenheit, between 200 ° F and 600 ° F. It should be noted that in this mode, the Pegasus can send up to 50W to maintain the chosen temperature. I recall that the formula for passing from Fahrenheit (f) to Celsius (c) is [(f - 32) x 5 / 9] and that Vegetable Glycerin decomposes from 290 ° C by potentially creating acrolein. For memory therefore, 290 ° C = 554 ° F. Be careful, as a precaution, not to exceed this temperature.

Otherwise, the TC mode works very well, we do not really have the impression of decline and power increase that we could observe elsewhere. Another good point for this box.

Aspire has also implemented a "gadget" which, however, with use, quickly becomes unavoidable. Indeed, the display part is equipped with a gyroscope which allows to always have the screen of the good side of reading, whatever the position in which one puts the box. And this in real time, without the need to go into a menu to adjust this possibility depending on whether you're left-handed, right-handed, ambidextrous, left-handed thwarted or right-handed annoying. Well, it looks like nothing but it is a must! No more writhing tendinitis! It's fluid and terribly practical !!! Bravo Aspire!

Aspire Pegasus on it

Evaluation of the packaging

  • Presence of a box accompanying the product: Yes
  • Would you say that the packaging is up to the price of the product? Yes
  • Presence of a user manual? Yes
  • Is the manual understandable for a non-English speaker? No
  • Does the manual explain ALL features? Yes

Vapelier's note on packaging: 4 / 5 4 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on conditioning

The packaging is sober and beautiful, in its black cardboard livery. We even have an orange USB / Micro USB charging cable !!! Finally the color in my ball of cables that stands on the desk to the despair of my wife! It is not much but it avoids making mistakes when you are, like your servant, a psychotic "cable".

Well seen also the manual very complete but that will likely cause eczema in anglophobic vapers. You are warned, arm yourself with holy water, a well-made Camembert and a powerful French-English dictionary. Gentlemen, the English, shoot first!

Appreciations in use

  • Transport facilities with the test atomizer: Ok for a side pocket of Jean (no discomfort)
  • Disassembly and cleaning facilities: Super simple, even blind in the dark!
  • Easy to change the batteries: Super simple, even blind in the dark!
  • Did the mod heat up? No
  • Has there been erratic behavior after one day of use? No
  • Description of situations in which the product has experienced erratic behavior

Vapelier's note in terms of usability: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on the use of the product

The switch is very pleasant to handle. No metallic noise indicating a deficient assembly disturbs the tranquility of your vape. The knob adjustment will seduce you or not but, in any case, it does its job largely as well as the usual buttons over and under. Its apparent solidity augurs a good reliability over time.

Aspire having opted for an external battery, you can use the one of your choice (however, be sure to use a battery with a large CDM), you do not have to ask the question of how to change this damn LiPo battery when it will be naze. Another good point for holding the mod in time.

The rendering is very good, whether in power mode or temperature control mode. No noticeable or awkward latency effect, no "peak" voltage effect at the beginning, sometimes generating dry-hits. Taste level is rather sweet and homogeneous. There is more accurate but in this price range, it is still towards the top of the basket.

The size of the box is not really a problem but if you prefer to vape discreet, it probably will not suit you because its height is still a little above the average of the genre. By cons, the grip is very soft, very ergonomic. No more mistaken in the sense of your box to vaper (do not laugh, it can not happen to me !!! ??? !!!), the shape naturally places the box in your palm and the maintenance, even if the coating slips a little, is perfect.

Aspire Pegasus Accu

Recommendations for use

  • Type of batteries used during the tests: 18650
  • Number of batteries used during testing: 1
  • With which type of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? Dripper, A classic fiber - resistance equal to or greater than 1.7 Ohms, A low resistance fiber inf or equal to 1.5 ohms, In sub-ohm mounting, Rebuildable Genesis type metal mesh mount, Rebuildable Genesis type metal wick mount
  • With which model of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? Originally made to work in tandem with the Triton, the Pegasus can be widely used with any atomizer not taking its air through the 510 connection
  • Description of the test configuration used: Pegasus + Subtank / Taifun GT / Did / Igo-L
  • Description of the ideal configuration with this product: Pegasus + Triton

was the product liked by the reviewer: Yes

Overall average of the Vapelier for this product: 4.3 / 5 4.3 5 out of stars

Link to a video review or blog maintained by the reviewer author of the review

The mood ticket of the reviewer

The Pegasus is primarily aimed at the vapers who want to vape without bothering to spend their lives scrolling through menus and submenus. Besides, it's easy to understand since there is no menu at all. That way, it only remains to adjust the "volume", embouch the drip-tip and go for a ride in the clouds ...

With a twelve-second cut-off, an impressive battery of different and varied protections, Aspire plays on both ergonomics and security. Moreover the messages are clear and leave no room for a misinterpretation: "Throw your mod, it will fart", "Your battery is naze", "I do not like the color of your sweater", "You go bypassing your neighbor's legs ", in short, a set of easy-to-understand things ... (For refractory chronic to any form of humor, I specify that the last sentence is part of this human emotion and must be taken with some hindsight, the Vapelier declines any responsibility in case of neuralgia consecutive reading of this article).

So we finish with a very positive balance for a box that combines, in great elegance of form, a concentrate of the latest technologies with an intuitive ergonomics making this object quite usable daily by a beginner or a confirmed.

Sometimes, not being first, we can learn from the mistakes of others. Aspire as a sign here the demonstration.

(c) Copyright Vapelier SAS 2014 - Only the complete reproduction of this article is authorized - Any modification of any nature whatsoever is totally prohibited and violates the rights of this copyright.

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