Noisy Cricket II-25 by Wismec
Noisy Cricket II-25 by Wismec

Noisy Cricket II-25 by Wismec

Commercial characteristics

  • Sponsor who loaned the product for the magazine: Acquired on our own funds
  • Price of the tested product: At this time, no price defined for France
  • Product category according to its selling price: Entry level (from 1 to 40 euros)
  • Type of mod: Mechanical or regulated mecanism
  • Is the mod telescopic? No
  • Maximum power: more than 300W (estimate)
  • Maximum voltage: 6
  • Minimum value in Ohms resistance for a start: 0.1

Reviewer comments on business characteristics

In the boxing category that made 2016 a household name this year, the first name Noisy Cricket clearly flirted with the podium and not all the time for the right reasons.

Indeed, the girl would have gone well accusations of dangerousness that some have peddled about him. Ultimately, it did not present more risk of use than others provided they know each other, have control of the entire set-up and not always want to push the material to its limits.

Alas, human nature is so made. I had my hand blown, it's the mod's fault. I was fooled, it's the fault of the accusers. I set fire to my car, it's normal, nobody told me not to put the batteries in my keychain ... Of course, we all want to scream at them: do you buy a brain, they have some really good stuff at Gearbest! But whatever. Just remember the following: any material carrying electricity is potentially dangerous, your phone, your mod, your hair dryer and everything else. Learn how to use it and we will avoid many disappointments.

It was therefore necessary to wash the affront and Wismec concentrated on a second version, very accomplished on paper and presenting attractive characteristics.

Indeed, over the hybrid connection, here we are back on a classic connector 510, no frills. We add protections to avoid accidents, smart. And above all, we add a panel of new features at this level of range or on this type of equipment:

  1. Possibility to vape in mecha protected in series and thus to benefit from the potential 8.4V of the charged batteries to the maximum
  2. Ability to vape in parallel protected mechanics, which divides the required intensity between the two batteries. We vape in 4.2V but we have a capacity of intensity own to ensure in a very safe mounting very low in resistance.
  3. Possibility of vaping in variable voltage, as on a Surric or a Hexohm, in mechanic regulated.

Suffice to say crazy enough vapogeek self-respecting and raise the eyebrows of the most jaded chronicler. Of course, it is far from the cut to the lips, it is necessary that all this passes the course of a test in real conditions. So we will see that ...


Physical characteristics and felt quality

  • Width or Diameter of the product in mms: 25
  • Product Length or Height in mms: 87
  • Product weight in grams: 220.9
  • Material constituting the product: Stainless steel
  • Form Factor Type: Classic Box - VaporShark Type
  • Decorative style: Classic
  • Quality of decoration: Good
  • Is the coating of the mod sensitive to fingerprints? No
  • All components of this mod seem well assembled? Can do better and I'll tell you why
  • Fire button position: Lateral near the top cap
  • Fire button type: Mechanical metal on contact rubber
  • Number of buttons in the interface, including touch areas if they are present: 1
  • Type of User Interface Buttons: Plastic Adjustment Knob
  • Quality of the interface button (s): Bad, the mod does not respond to each solicitation
  • Number of parts in the product: 3
  • Number of threads: 1
  • Quality of the threads: Very good
  • Overall, do you appreciate the quality of manufacture of this product with regard to its price? No

Rating of the vapelier as to feelings quality: 2.3 / 5 2.3 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on physical characteristics and perceived quality

Fine, of a reasonable height and holding well in hand, the Noisy displays a rather nice physique, very in the spirit of its predecessor. No frills but a harmonious whole or the curves of the two narrow faces alleviate the aesthetics and communicate a rather sensual visual aspect, corroborated by the use of raw stainless steel which gives an interesting perceived quality.

The weight is quite substantial consequently. The box without atomizer is heavier than a Hexohm with atomizer! But there is no procrastination, it throws and when you have it in hand, we feel that the manufacturer has insured body level!

The batteries go down, each in its own housing and the sense is the same for both: positive pole up the mod. They are maintained by a sliding steel valve, equipped with 6 vents for eventual degassing.


In this valve, there is a two-sided electrical circuit, retractable and repositionable. It is this circuit that will determine whether you will vista in series or in parallel, at your choice. A reproach all the same to this good idea: the circuit is not maintained, it drops every time we remove the valve if we are not careful.

wismec-noisy-cricket-ii-25 circuit-serie

wismec-noisy-cricket-ii-25 circuit-parallel

On the top-cap, there is a black plastic insert with the logo of the manufacturer, enough seyant, as well as the 510 connection whose brass positive pin is spring. No Fat Daddy here, just a banal connection. The width of the object makes it possible to put an atomizer in 25mm while remaining flush.


On one of the narrow faces, there is a switch that I will call any. Nothing to suggest that we are here on an exceptional box. Designer JayBo's signature is engraved on it. The switch is not exemplary in terms of comfort, it fires when asked, which is good but its adjustment leaves something to be desired and its too sensitive me a little. So far, nothing really bad.


Then, one finds a potentiometer on one of the two large faces which must thus be used, like the Hexohm, Surric or others, to regulate the tension asked to the batteries on a scale of 2 to 6V, if you wish so. And here we are down on a huge, rude and ridiculous design mistake ...

First point: the knob shows NO indication, even summary, as in the case of two references already mentioned.

Second point: the imprint on the button and which is supposed, I imagine, help us turn it, is strictly useless! This is an embossed print that, unless you have the hands of a child of five years, can not under any circumstances support you in the rotation of the button. It is impossible to put the two fingers necessary!

Third point: that those who were afraid that the knob in relief may be the cause of unwanted variation of tension following a passage in a pocket for example reassure themselves: it is so hard to handle that it does not risk to turn alone! Moreover, you will have enough trouble turning it with your fingers yourself, I can guarantee it!

Fourth point: we could have imagined that the manufacturer would give this button a notched crown to help you have grip to turn it. Nay, it's as smooth as the buttocks of an infant. As much to tell you that you will leave some sweat to adjust this infamous knob! And I weigh my words as you will also weigh after trying for yourself !!!

Let's be clear, sometimes only one fault is needed for a whole building to collapse and that's exactly what's happening here. This button is the Achilles heel of the Noisy Cricket II-25 and makes the rest almost innocuous as it represents a major stumbling block in a serene use.


Functional features

  • Type of chipset used: Owner
  • Connection type: 510
  • Adjustable positive plot? Yes, through a spring.
  • Lock system ? Electronic
  • Quality of the locking system: Good, the function does what it is for
  • Features offered by the mod: Switch to mechanical mode, Protection against short circuits from the atomizer, Operation in parallel or in series.
  • Accusability: 18650
  • Does the mod support stacking? No
  • Number of batteries supported: 2
  • Does the mod retain its configuration without batteries? Not applicable
  • Does the mod offer a recharge feature? No recharge function offered by the mod
  • Is the recharge function pass-through? No recharge function offered by the mod
  • Does the mode offer a Power Bank function? No power bank function offered by the mod
  • Does the mode offer other functions? No other function offered by the mod
  • Presence of a regulation of the flow of air? Yes
  • Maximum diameter in mm of compatibility with an atomizer: 25
  • Accuracy of the output power at full charge of the battery: Not applicable
  • Accuracy of the output voltage at full charge of the battery: Good, there is a tiny difference between the requested voltage and the actual voltage

Vapelier's note regarding functional characteristics: 4.5 / 5 4.5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on functional features

The second name Noisy locks by pressing the switch five times. She unlocks the same way.

Once off, just leave the switch pressed for 6 7 seconds to switch from pure mechanical mode, the switch will flash in white to that of regulated mecan, the switch flashing orange at that time.

So you can vaper in regulated mode or not. It should be noted that in regulated mode, you can only choose the serial mounting of the batteries, which seems logical. On the other hand, in protected mechanical mode, which will send the battery voltage to your assembly, you will be able to opt for a series connection (8.4V output on your ato) or a parallel connection (4.2V with a required intensity distribution) ). To make this choice, simply turn the electrical circuit, it is done very easily and without tools, which takes place in the closing valve of the battery locations.


In terms of functionality, the rest is in the field of sound and light. Indeed, the switch keeps you informed of the state of charge of your batteries by flashing more or less quickly ... I find for myself this circus light useless and stressful. Boxes of the same type do not need this gadget to work perfectly. Aside from constantly catching your eye and making you say, "let's get on with it, what's the joke?", It's not for nothing. I admit, however, that this is a very personal position and you do not have to share it.

I omit the fact that if the mod goes under-voltage (- 3.3V in parallel and - 6.6 in series), the switch will flash forty times (you read correctly, forty times !!!!) for you prevent. It's more a switch, it's a Christmas tree!

Evaluation of the packaging

  • Presence of a box accompanying the product: Yes
  • Would you say that the packaging is up to the price of the product? Yes
  • Presence of a user manual? Yes
  • Is the manual understandable for a non-English speaker? Yes
  • Does the manual explain ALL features? No

Vapelier's note on packaging: 4 / 5 4 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on conditioning

The conditioning is correct. In a plastic box, we have the box and a multilingual notice including French. It is succinct but sufficient.

However, I note a flagrant lack of information on the record. If all the ergonomics are explained, I miss the characteristics of which some quite necessary as, for example, the minimum level recommended for your resistance or a speech on the required intensity of the batteries.

On the other hand, we learn with horror that "This product can be dangerous to your health and contains addictive nicotine!". No need to put liquid so, just lick the mod ... ..

In order to overcome some deficiencies, I urge you to use batteries that can send a minimum intensity of 20A each continuously, pair them with the purchase so that they probably come from the same series and load them at the same time.


Appreciations in use

  • Transport facilities with the test atomizer: Ok for a side pocket of Jean (no discomfort)
  • Disassembly and cleaning facilities: Easy, even standing on the street, with a simple Kleenex
  • Easy to change the batteries: Easy, even standing in the street
  • Did the mod heat up? No
  • Has there been erratic behavior after one day of use? No
  • Description of situations in which the product has experienced erratic behavior

Vapelier's note in terms of usability: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on the use of the product

In parallel mechanical mode. Nothing to report, the voltage delivered is consistent even if the Noisy Cricket, generally in mechanical mode, is also not the most reactive I have been given to try.

In mechanical mode in series, the box sends heavy, inevitably. But not as much as the first Noisy Cricket which, not being restrained by protections and enjoying a hybrid connection, could send everything that the batteries had in the stomach.

In mechanically-controlled mode and provided that the manipulation of the potentiometer does not make you crazy, the rendering is correct, without reaching the raw power of a Surric or the voluptuousness of a Hexohm. And the pleasure of use is heavily hampered by this unbecoming manipulation of a mod of 2016.

Otherwise, the Noisy is reliable, effective in all areas despite everything and we are entitled to think that its tariff will position at the bottom of this category of mods.


Recommendations for use

  • Type of batteries used during the tests: 18650
  • Number of batteries used during testing: 2
  • With which type of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? Dripper, A Classical Fiber, In Sub-ohm Mount, Genesis Rebuildable
  • With which model of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? A dripper or an RDTA
  • Description of the test configuration used: Psywar Beast h21, Vapor Giant Mini V3, OBS Engine
  • Description of the ideal configuration with this product: Dripper in 24 or 25

was the product liked by the reviewer: Bof, this is not the craze

Overall average of the Vapelier for this product: 3.6 / 5 3.6 5 out of stars

Link to a video review or blog maintained by the reviewer author of the review

The mood ticket of the reviewer

Wismec has completely missed out on his subject with this second generation of Noisy Cricket.

In mechanic mode, it is not bad but not as good as the previous one.

It displays a parallel mode certainly interesting but "prevented" by protections probably added to overcome the clumsiness of the vapers who use it in series.

In mechanized mode, finally, it ensures, despite the ignominy of this ridiculous knob but the result is very far anyway a Tesla Invader 3 if we stick to compare what remains comparable.

In short, Wismec wanted to do too much and play with versatility. However, we should know, since the time we are served this verse, that versatility always leads to the same result: the object does several things, certainly, but moderately whereas an object devolved to a single action does it in general very well. It is a basic principle that is everywhere.

The Noisy Cricket II-25 is, for me, a disappointment. The first had split but we could not blame him for being inefficient in one specific area. The second plays the big air of the gathering and we-you-have-understood but the expected results are not there. I invite you to wait for the third version.

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