Nano 120W by Teslacigs [Flash Test]
Nano 120W by Teslacigs [Flash Test]

Nano 120W by Teslacigs [Flash Test]


A. Commercial specifications

  • Price of the tested product: 30 Euros
  • Mod type: Electronics
  • Shape type: Classic box - VaporShark type

B. Data sheet

  • Maximum power: 120 W
  • Maximum voltage: 9 V
  • Minimum value of resistance for a start; 0.1 Ω
  • Length or height of the product: 90.5 mm
  • Width or height of the product: 25 mm
  • Weight without accumulator: 340 grams
  • Material dominating the set: Stainless steel

C. Packaging

  • Packaging quality: Very good
  • Presence of a notice: Yes

D. Qualities and use

  • Overall quality: Very good
  • Quality of rendering: Very good
  • Stability of the rendering: Exceptional
  • Ease of implementation: Very easy

E. Conclusions and comments of the user who authored the journal

Sure, in the steampunk style, it is very far from the craft look, nevertheless the various reliefs created on the mass are much more catchy than a smooth steel box.

The grip is easy and common to the Therion 75W (or 133W) since the measurements are exactly the same. On the other hand, there are some differences, and not least:

- The chipset is not a DNA, but it works perfectly well with all the useful functions. Blocking resistance, vape Soft, Norm, Hard or User. The resistive chosen may be Kanthal, SS316 steel, nickel Ni200, titanium Ti or be selected in TCR mode depending on the heating coefficient of the desired resistive. Finally, we have 3 memory modes: M1, M2 and M3. Locking adjustment buttons is possible.

- The screen is normal size but the information seems a little "packed" in this space, although they are clear and sufficiently bright.

- The switch is beautiful! Not only does it adapt perfectly to this box but in addition, its format is generous and instinctive when the box is in hand.

- Can not recharge your box since there is no opening for the micro USB cable, it will be necessary to have a battery charger for this.

- On the other hand, we have a small switch "on / off" discreet but easily accessible to cut off power. Thus, the screen is off and no accident is to be feared if inadvertent support on the switch.

- remains a disadvantage of size: its weight, because the all steel is heavy, it weighs with the batteries and without atomizer: 340 grs.

- the 2 format 18650 batteries are inserted in the box, with a hinged door that is well adapted to its function.

- The grounds on the frame, allow a good grip, but also to make transparent all fingerprints or juice runs, no trace is visible.

- The security of uses are present and ensure their function perfectly.

In fact, after almost 3 years of use of my Therion still works well, the chipset starts to make me a whim and only takes into account a single battery. When the first one is empty, I have to swap the batteries to use the second one. That's why I started looking for a second Therion 75W, impossible to find on the market. So I tried to find a similar format for the grip that is perfect for me. I hesitated between several models including the Nano 120W Teslacig with a rather attractive price (a little less than 30 Euros), and I am not disappointed at all since the chipset side, it sends the necessary power even if it It is imperative to use this box with batteries of at least 25A like so many other boxes, which provide as much power as you go up to 120W.

Note from the user author of the review: 4.8 / 5 4.8 5 out of stars

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