Maxo 315W by Ijoy
Maxo 315W by Ijoy

Maxo 315W by Ijoy

Commercial characteristics

  • Sponsor who has loaned the product for the magazine: Do not wish to be named.
  • Price of the tested product: 67.41 Euros
  • Product category according to its selling price: Mid-range (from 41 to 80 euros)
  • Mod type: Variable power electronics and temperature control
  • Is the mod telescopic? No
  • Maximum power: 315W
  • Maximum voltage: 9
  • Minimum value in Ohms resistance for a start: 0.06

Reviewer comments on business characteristics

It is clear that the box market is not stagnant and that, although some rare products are still within the limits of flotation, the bulk of the troop has an undeniable quality that takes us far from some wanderings early in the category. This fact does not only concern the world of boxs but also the vape in general, fortunately for current buyers and other geeks collectors.

IJOY is a Chinese brand whose beginnings were undoubtedly slower than the pundits in the field but which, for a few months, largely overcame and offered us, both in terms of atomizers and mods, small beads very interesting and covering all the needs of steam lovers.

It is therefore in this context very favorable to the brand that the Maxo, a box rather maxi because it admits its penchant for excess in proposing nothing less than 315W available under the hood but also a power supply with four 18650 batteries. which, from then on, seem to make it possible to honor, at least in large part, its potential objective.

9V are expected output, coupled with a tolerance up to 0.06Ω in resistance and 50A of possible intensity. In theory, it can bring us very high. Provided, of course, to find batteries that agree to deliver a very high intensity, which is not so obvious ...

What does it matter, which can the most can the least, we say and we will see below that the power delivered by the Maxo is very largely comfortable, and this is a euphemism, for driver the most demanding of the drippers and the craziest montages.

Proposed at a rate of 67 € and wheelbarrows, as well as that, if its rowing relates to its plumage, here is an excellent deal in terms of power / price ratio. At 4.70 € the watt, the competition fled at full speed.

Physical characteristics and felt quality

  • Width or Diameter of the product in mm: 41
  • Product Length or Height in mm: 89
  • Product weight in grams: 366
  • Material composing the product: Stainless steel, Aluminum
  • Form Factor Type: Classic Box - VaporShark Type
  • Decorative style: Classic
  • Quality of decoration: Good
  • Is the coating of the mod sensitive to fingerprints? No
  • All components of this mod seem well assembled? Can do better and I'll tell you why
  • Fire button position: Lateral near the top cap
  • Fire button type: Mechanical metal on contact rubber
  • Number of buttons in the interface, including touch areas if they are present: 2
  • Type of User Interface Buttons: Metal Mechanics on Contact Rubber
  • Quality of the interface button (s): Very good, the button is responsive and does not make any noise
  • Number of parts in the product: 1
  • Number of threads: 1
  • Quality of the threads: Good
  • Overall, do you appreciate the quality of manufacture of this product with regard to its price? Yes

Rating of the vapelier as to feelings quality: 3.8 / 5 3.8 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on physical characteristics and perceived quality

If I tell you that Ijoy threw a pavement into the pond, you can take that statement literally. Indeed, with a weight of 366gr including battery, 41mm wide, 88mm high and 64mm depth, as much as you say that it is actually a pavement that we have in hand! It's very simple, I had not felt this impression since my reading of War and Peace Tolstoy! The small hands will unfortunately abstain from then or even the big ones have difficulty in grasping the object.

However, the shape chosen by the manufacturer, inspired by the Reuleaux, is ideal to win in place but we can obviously manage four onboard batteries with the same success as for three. Too bad, the Maxo is the box of all excesses, so it must accept this "detail" of ergonomics if you want to enjoy the power and / or autonomy that goes with it. Once in hand, the box is however not unpleasant, rounded are thoughtfully thought to carefully avoid any roughness and we start after a few minutes even find it relatively comfortable. All things considered, you will admit it.

Aesthetically, even if for that we must contradict the adage: "everything is small is cute", the Maxo presents very well, especially in its Ferrari red livery that I contemplate at this very moment. Of course, for bulls and other mammals allergic to this color, you can also find it in black, yellow or blue. In addition, Ijoy thought about the customization of his box by providing stickers, six pairs in all, which will allow you a nice choice of colors to enhance the background. From shiny silver glitter to wise black carbon fiber, the palette is important and, once rigged, the box becomes really a visual success.

The finish of the set is very correct and assemblies could have been perfect if an exception had come a little tarnish the table. The battery door, in fact, is a hinged cover that closes the cradle once the batteries are in place.

On the one hand, the hinge, its material and the fact that it navigates fairly widely in its housing, does not convince me and makes me express doubts about its behavior in time.

On the other hand, the hood relies on the pressure exerted by the batteries to hold in place by a small pin. Which has several damaging collateral effects.

First, the hatch does not hold in place if the batteries are not installed. This means that, empty box, the hatch automatically disappears and hangs at the bottom of the box. You tell me that when you have a box, it is to use it in situation and you will be right. Okay, but if you want to move the box when it's empty, you'll certainly change your mind after putting the hood back a dozen times.

Then, once the batteries installed and therefore exercising, I remind you that they are four, a lot of pressure, the hood becomes difficult to clip and never falls flush once it is done. A marked opening and the slightly convex shape of the hood make it clear that an effort could have been made on the design at this location. Not to mention that the hinge, it does not seem stronger than at first. In my opinion, an alternative solution would probably have been better suited.

The rest of the finish does not call any reproach. Body solid appearance, body dye in the mass, stainless steel switch and control knobs, 510 connection of the same metal slightly raised to also accept an airflow from the bottom, all this puts in confidence and inspires a zenitude that the hood had a little started.

The control panel, quite standard, has buttons [+] and [-] at the bottom of the Oled screen of good size and a very effective square switch with a short and comfortable stroke. Twenty vents scattered on the side flanks in sets of five on the top and bottom ensure the cooling of the chipset and probably the safety valve in case of problems.

Functional features

  • Type of chipset used: Owner
  • Connection type: 510, Ego - via an adapter
  • Adjustable positive plot? Yes, through a spring.
  • Lock system ? Electronic
  • Quality of the locking system: Excellent, the chosen approach is very practical
  • Features offered by mod: Battery charge display, Resistance value display, Short circuit protection from atomizer, Reverse battery polarity protection, Display of current vape voltage , Display of the power of the current vape, Display of the vape time of each puff, Temperature control of the resistors of the atomizer, Supports the update of its firmware, Clear diagnostic messages
  • Accusability: 18650
  • Does the mod support stacking? No
  • Number of batteries supported: 4
  • Does the mod retain its configuration without batteries? Yes
  • Does the mod offer a recharge feature? No recharge function offered by the mod
  • Is the recharge function passthrough? No recharge function offered by the mod
  • Does the mode offer a Power Bank function? No power bank function offered by the mod
  • Does the mode offer other functions? No other function offered by the mod
  • Presence of a regulation of the flow of air? Yes
  • Maximum diameter in mm of compatibility with an atomizer: 25
  • Accuracy of the output power at full charge of the battery: Good, there is a tiny difference between the power demanded and the real power
  • Accuracy of the output voltage at full charge of the battery: Good, there is a tiny difference between the requested voltage and the actual voltage

Vapelier's note regarding functional characteristics: 4.5 / 5 4.5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on functional features

Powered by Iwepal, a Chinese founder specializing in the design of circuits for e-cigs, the Maxo presents a nice panel of features, however avoiding gadget functions to refocus on the ergonomics and quality of the signal.

The box therefore operates in two standard modes: variable power, adjustable from 5 to 315W and temperature control, available in titanium, Ni200 and SS3616L adjustable from 150 to 315 ° C. The range of use in resistance covers, whatever the case, a scale going from 0.06 to 3Ω. Certainly, the absence of TCR may cause some chagrin but let's be honest, this feature is rarely used by the majority of vapers and, even if we can not talk about a gadget, we can easily do without .

The chipset firmware, here in 1.1 version, is upgradable on the site of Ijoy or rather will be, as soon as an update will appear. This is a good thing which guarantees, provided that the follow-up is ensured by the manufacturer, possibilities for improvements or possible corrections. Moreover, I take this opportunity to point out that the micro-USB port on the box is only for the ugrade and not to charge the batteries. This seems reasonable because, considering the fate of the box to provide significant power, it is better to use an external device better able to charge your batteries with the regularity and the necessary protections.

The box is able to work with only two 18650 batteries, losing much of its power. Obviously, even if I tell you, I do not see the interest, considering that even if you fade a box of an imposing size, enjoy the four batteries because otherwise, very pretty double boxs much smaller batteries exist ...

Five clicks allow the box to be powered up or turned off. It is simple and now relatively standardized, it avoids an ergonomic "chicane" extra. Three clicks once the box lit will give you access to the menu which presents a very user-friendly interface and all the features of the box:

  1. N mode is the temperature control mode for the Ni200.
  2. T mode is titanium.
  3. Mode S to SS316L.
  4. P mode allows us to access variable power.
  5. The mode whose symbol is a screen makes it possible to change its orientation.
  6. Finally, the set-up mode, symbolized by an equalizer, allows to vary the behavior of the signal on the start or the duration of the puff.

To move between modes, use the [+] and [-] buttons. To validate a choice, press the switch. It's very simple and in five minutes we went around all the functions. To change the power in temperature control mode, simply stall before power mode. It will not move when you choose one of the three types of resistive.

In the set-up mode, we have the choice between "Norm" which means that the behavior of the signal is the one implemented by origin. "Hard" means that we will send 30% more power at the start of the signal to wake up a slow installation, ideal for your double-clapton and others. There is also a mode "Soft" or the power is lowered 20% from the puff not to have dry-hits on a particularly responsive mounting if the coil is not yet ideally powered. There is also a "User" mode which allows you to plot the signal response curve on six levels of 0.5 second by yourself. Suffice to say that this set-up mode is anything but a gadget and it allows you almost complete control of your vape.

The rest is pretty standard: a cut-off of 10 seconds, simultaneous pressing of the [+] and [-] keys to calibrate the resistance of the atomizer when you come from the plugger on your mod. It is a proven and effective ergonomics. The protections are also in the standard for this type of device as well as the error messages, very clear.

Evaluation of the packaging

  • Presence of a box accompanying the product: Yes
  • Would you say that the packaging is up to the price of the product? Yes
  • Presence of a user manual? Yes
  • Is the manual understandable for a non-English speaker? No
  • Does the manual explain ALL features? Yes

Vapelier's note on packaging: 4 / 5 4 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on conditioning

A black rigid cardboard box opens revealing the Maxo, here in its red livery that slice on the dense black foam that serves as a showcase.

Below all, there is a location containing the notice in English and Chinese which leaves regret that there is no Sanskrit, Aramaic or ancient Greek in case ... In any case, no French ...

The packaging also offers the famous decorative stickers that will find their place in the inserts provided for this purpose on the box and a micro USB / USB standard cable a bit short in my opinion.

A report at the very content of the box, the packaging is completely credible and does not give the consumer the impression of being ripped off. It's very correct.

Appreciations in use

  • Easy transportation with the test atomizer: Nothing works, requires a shoulder bag
  • Disassembly and cleaning facilities: Super simple, even blind in the dark!
  • Easy to change the batteries: Easy, even standing in the street
  • Did the mod heat up? No
  • Has there been erratic behavior after one day of use? No
  • Description of situations in which the product has experienced erratic behavior

Vapelier's note in terms of usability: 4 / 5 4 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on the use of the product

Despite its weight and bulk, which is not without problems in a typical day's work, for example, the Maxo offers a high-level user experience.

First of all, the quality of the signal is really interesting. Smooth and consistent, the multiple settings of the set-up mode makes it more or less responsive depending on your editing or even your way of vapping. In the Hard mode with a double-coil clapton 0.25Ω for 85W, the reaction of the coil is immediate, finished the diesel effect that had to be compensated by a constant increase of power which ended up aborting the puff when the coil rose in temperature. Here, raising 30% for half a second is enough to preheat the coil.

The rendering of vape in power mode is very attractive and proves accurate and sharp. Perfect for "puncher" liquids a little round which will find here, following the atomizer used, of course, a little pep and definition. The rendering reminds me a bit of Yihie chipsets. It's voluptuous but above all, the quality of the signal and the choice of calculation algorithms favor precision and a little less roundness.

In Normal mode with a Taïfun GT3 in 0.5Ω around 40W, it's the same, the rendering is precise, less vivid than on a DNA75 for example but quite recommendable.

At 150W on a 24 Tsunami mounted in 0.3Ω, power comes at a gallop. Same on Saturn in 0.2Ω around 170W. After…. I'll let you try ... 😉

The temperature control, tested in SS316L, is correct even if one does not reach the performances in the matter of an SX. It remains quite exploitable even if I am less convinced than by the variable power mode.

After, it remains an alternative if you find the weight really embarrassing: buy two and enjoy it to do weight training by alternating vape of the left arm and vape of the right arm by series of ten puffs!

Recommendations for use

  • Type of batteries used during the tests: 18650
  • Number of batteries used during testing: 4
  • With which type of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? Dripper, A Classical Fiber, In Sub-ohm Mount, Genesis Rebuildable
  • With which model of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? All, without exception
  • Description of the test configuration used: Conqueror Mini, Pro-MS Saturn, Nautilus X, Taifun GT3
  • Description of the ideal configuration with this product: An atomizer accepting a great power.

was the product liked by the reviewer: Yes

Overall average of the Vapelier for this product: 4.3 / 5 4.3 5 out of stars

Link to a video review or blog maintained by the reviewer author of the review

The mood ticket of the reviewer

Even if its weight, its power and its size do not intend it to a very particular public, the Maxo is a quality tool which shows good performances in use. The autonomy we are entitled to expect from four batteries is there, even if we know that it depends mainly on the power we are going to ask him to send.

The power is real and the quality of the signal rather flattering, especially if it relates to the tariff requested. In addition, the aesthetics worked "visually" de-lumps ".

Remains a correct finish for all but does not avoid a design error in the battery cover that should be rethought to be in the context of the perceived general quality. An error that penalizes the average and prevents access to a Top Mod that could have been deserved elsewhere.

In summary, we have here a good product, specific and original, which will meet some needs while being totally useless for a quiet vape or even powerful but "normalized". It is therefore a very special niche but, in this niche, the Maxo is a good choice.

(c) Copyright Vapelier SAS 2014 - Only the complete reproduction of this article is authorized - Any modification of any nature whatsoever is totally prohibited and violates the rights of this copyright.

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