Limitless RDTA + by Ijoy & Limitless Mod Co. [Flash Test]
Limitless RDTA + by Ijoy & Limitless Mod Co. [Flash Test]

Limitless RDTA + by Ijoy & Limitless Mod Co. [Flash Test]

A. Commercial specifications

  • PRODUCT NAME: Limitless RDTA +
  • BRAND: Ijoy & Limitless Mod Co.
  • PRICE: 39.90
  • CATEGORY: Genesis Atomizer
  • RESISTANCE: Multi Coils

B. Data sheet

  • WEIGHT: 75
  • AIRFLOW: Variable from tight to overhead

C. Packaging



  • Overall quality: Very good
  • Quality of rendering: Very good
  • Stability of the rendering: Very good
  • Ease of implementation: Exceptional

E. Conclusions and comments of the user who authored the journal

Ya ya !! Crazy man say it, ein very good success!

I was already conquered by the very first version because of its simplicity of assembly and its rendering of flavors but there I am still astonished.

How is it possible? Well, I tell you everything.

Let's start with the packaging:
to start the things that annoy, or at least the thing because yes there is only one and it is the absence of a notice for the beginners in reconstructible. Rest assured it is devilishly easy to assemble provided you have a hint of common sense.

In the pretty box all blue dressed you will find the basics to start.
- 2 Clapton resistors of 0.5 ohms each, allowing you to go down to 0.25 ohms in double coils.
- 7 red joints to give color to your atomizer by changing each joint of it.
- 1 isolator to realize assemblies in simple coil.
- 1 adapter for top cap to put your own drips tips.
- 4 replacement screws for the Velocity tray.
- 1 black pyrex (smoked) in case you break yours or to do a little more custom ^^.
- The famous screwdriver (not blue for once). I find this idea more interesting than Allen key previous versions that tended to damage the screw. Thank you for this change!
And to finish the RDTA more than I took black for the sober aspect but it also exists in red.

* If the RDTA does not have the maximum score that come only from the fact that it misses this famous notice and I think that they could have worked on a more noble package for this atomizer that it deserves it.

Let's move on to the precious, the object of your future desire, that jewel that any lover of good vows should possess.

I will compare it with the previous version because the updates are numerous.

As a first link, you should know that ceRDTA is a mix between a dripper and an atomizer with Tank. It combines a rendering of flavors with the dense steam of a tank to moisturize the cottons permanently.

Let's talk about his tank which is not the least. While his predecessor could only hold 3.4 ml maximum (depending on your placement of the cottons) it reaches a respectable amount of 6.3 ml is almost double without the atomizer is much bigger than the former.

Between this tank and the rebuildable tray you will find a ring that is screwed in all simplicity, this is where we see the machining quality of this Limitless. It has three functions:
- This is where I enjoy inserting any type of utensil to fill my liquid, indeed the opening is large and accepts any type of fluid whether it is fat or fluid, classic drop or pipette everything goes.
- The second function is simply to keep the cottons or fibers in their homes.
- Finally it serves as a base to come embed the top cap thanks to the two joints present at the top and bottom. (thus preventing the liquid from sinking if you lean the atomizer).

So I come to the top cap, which is very beautiful thanks to its symmetrical patterns, in a spirit mandala (reasons absent on the V1)
The part welcoming the drip tip is slightly rounded unlike the other models which was flat and its material is more noble too, we spend on metal to leave the plastic.
To change the airflow simply slide the upper part while holding the bell to choose a very tight draw or hyper air.
A tiny change at first glance: the air flow 1 mm in thickness and it changes everything! The setting is much easier and identical placement on both models the vape is not the same. On the "Limitless Plus" the vape will find itself even tighter or freer than on the V1.

But what is hiding?
The famous Velocity board with 2 small changes that will bring a more enjoyable experience to montages.
Already the side screws are no longer 4 but 2. You will therefore screw 2 screws on top of the tray and 2 on the side. In itself it seems innocuous, but it allows me to benefit from larger screws (the second change) and less fragile than Allen's small screws.

Unlike other models like Genesis I do not need to complicate my life to pass this damn cotton in the holes to join my tank. Here I have four notches on my tray or I just put it gently just before tightening my ring. In a jiffy, it's done.

With a diameter 25 I take pleasure in coiling without difficulty thanks to the famous velocity!
Even if I have big fingers I can put all types of resistive son, classic kanthal to the most exotic resistive.

For the time being I am in double coils 0.25 ohms on limitless tube (we do not change a winning team), the combo is perfect and harmonious, with each switch I find the aromas of my favorite liquids. My vape is thick and my aromas present. I repeat that atomizer is monstrous. The restitution of the aromas is at its climax, vape firmament assured!

As usual your editing will affect your experience of vape, in double coils your liquid will evaporate faster than simple what is obvious. Always keep in mind that to please yourself the important thing is not to be the lowest in resistance but to safely vape with the right equipment.

For now I'm going back to my research, vaping friends. Good vape to you!
Anokre (The crazy teacher)

Note from the user author of the review: 4.5 / 5 4.5 5 out of stars

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