Kilim (Essential Range) by Curieux
Kilim (Essential Range) by Curieux

Kilim (Essential Range) by Curieux

Characteristics of the juice tested

  • Sponsor having lent material for the review: Public Kitclope / Pro Curious / Cotton Holy Lab Juice
  • Price of the tested packaging: 22.4 Euros
  • Quantity: 40 Ml
  • Price per ml: 0.56 Euros
  • Price per liter: 560 Euros
  • Juice category according to the price per ml previously calculated: Entry level, up to 0.60 euro the ml
  • Nicotine dosage: 0 Mg / Ml
  • Proportion of Vegetable Glycerin: 60%


  • Presence of a box: Yes
  • Are the materials making up the box recyclable ?: Yes
  • Presence of a seal of inviolability: Yes
  • Material of the bottle: Flexible plastic, usable for filling, if the bottle is equipped with a mouthpiece
  • Cork equipment: Nothing
  • Tip Feature: End
  • Name of the juice present in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Display PG-VG proportions in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Wholesale nicotine dosage display on the label: Yes

Steamer note for packaging: 4.44 / 5 4.4 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

The Essential Range of Curious refers to fabrics from around the world. Kilim are carpets spun by Turkish nomads, Caucasians, Afghans, Turkmen and Iranians. They do not have velvet. That's why they are often called flat tissues. They were once used as blankets or to beautify the floors of tents. Since the last century, these flat fabrics have started to become popular in Europe. Most were adored by the experts and admirers of Kilims art.
Protected in a black cardboard box, sober and elegant, a kilim inlaid pattern, the liquid Kilim Curieux invites us to travel to the countries of the Middle East.

Kilim is available in 40 / 60 from VEGETOL / VG and without nicotine. It is packaged in a large size 40ml flask, with a twist-off tip, overdosed in flavors and designed to hold 60 ml of e-liquid. You will have to add to it 20 ml of base or booster of nicotine to finally get 60ml of liquid. Curious Kilim is also available in bottles of 10 ml, 40 / 60 vegetol / VG and with four choices of nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6 or 12 mg. Kilim appears at the price of 22,9 € the bottle of 40ml and is placed in the entry-level liquids.

Legal, security, sanitary, and religious compliance

  • Presence of a child safety on the cap: Yes
  • Clear pictograms on the label: Yes
  • Presence of embossed markings for misleading on the label: Yes
  • 100% of the juice compounds are indicated on the label: Yes
  • Presence of alcohol: No
  • Presence of distilled water: No
  • Presence of essential oils: No
  • Compliance HIDE: Do not know
  • HALAL compliance: Do not know
  • Indication of the name of the laboratory producing the juice: Yes
  • Presence of contacts needed to reach a consumer service on the label: Yes
  • Batch number on the label: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding the respect of various conformities (except religious): 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the security, legal, health and religious aspects

Curious impeccably fulfills the legal and sanitary safety requirements. Everything is there. I take this opportunity to talk about the plant, used systematically by this manufacturer. Vegetol is an ingredient of exclusively vegetable origin obtained through a food process, the bio fermentation of sunflower glycerin. It is a high purity ingredient, guaranteed gluten free and food allergens. It vaporizes at the same temperature as nicotine, nicotine is thus delivered more easily. At the sensory level, this effect is reflected in a feeling in the throat. Personally, I find a drier taste to liquids using veg. Vegetol products would therefore be more "healthy" and would not cause an allergy, unlike propylene glycol.

Appreciation of the packaging

  • Does the graphic design of the label and the product name agree ?: Yes
  • Global correspondence of the packaging with the product name: Yes
  • The packaging effort is in line with the price category: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding packaging with regard to juice category: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

So, here is the big class. The Curieux team is looking for the box that will fit perfectly with the liquid they have concocted. They care about the details and I appreciate their efforts. The satin aspect of the box reminds me of high-end perfume envelopes. The bottle, it is not left because to the touch, I find a leather effect. It's amazing the new special papers that exist. The paper that wraps the Kilim's bottle is matte black, filigree a traditional kilim pattern. The product information is written in white. The bottle is sleek and very elegant. The nicotine level and the capacity are just above the name of the product and below, the precise mention of the use of vegetol. On the side, the legal information in several languages ​​and the different pictograms are clearly indicated.

Sensory appreciations

  • Color and product name agree ?: Yes
  • Does the smell and product name agree ?: Yes
  • Definition of smell: Oriental (Spicy)
  • Definition of flavor: Spicy (oriental), Tobacco
  • The taste and the name of the product, do they agree ?: Yes
  • Did I like this juice ?: yes
  • This liquid reminds me: Nothing and that I love!

Vapelier's note on sensory experience: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the taste appreciation of the juice

The least we can say is that Kilim will make you travel. You will have to open your chakras to welcome flavors that you will not usually vape. Travel is the youth say, and if you have open minds and taste buds, let yourself be tamed and why not, surprise yourself to appreciate. The smells that emerge from the bottle are numerous. Spicy and mysterious, I recognize chocolate, cinnamon, honey, bourbon and tobacco. It is surprising and pleasant to the nostrils.

On inspiration, the felt tobacco is sweet, slightly sweet. There is depth in this tobacco certainly due to the presence of Burley. The spicy flavors blend cleverly with him without ever masking it. The chocolate and honey are obvious and bring a sweet note almost greedy. Cinnamon brings a hint of acidity to the mix and the bourbon raises all the flavors by imprinting its powerful character. The exhaled vapor is dense and fragrant.

Tasting recommendations

  • Recommended power for optimal taste: 30 W
  • Type of vapor obtained at this power: Dense
  • Hit type obtained at this power: Medium
  • Atomizer used for the review: Flave 22 SS Alliancetech Vapor
  • Value of the resistance of the atomizer in question: 0.35 Ω
  • Materials used with the atomizer: Nichrome, Cotton Holy Fiber

Comments and recommendations for an optimal tasting

Kilim is clearly original and I do not recommend it to primo-vapers who are still in the process of weaning and looking for safe havens to stop smoking. To appreciate this juice, you have to want to discover new flavors. I recommend Kilim for particular times of the day. In the evening on an aperitif or a good wine or with a dark chocolate cake. It is a liquid that is eaten and I do not recommend it in allday. The use of vegetol allows the Kilim to be used with all the materials because the vegetal does not crush the resistances. With a dripper, the flavors are better felt. The airflow can be adjusted to your liking, the power of the aromas allows the liquid to be ventilated. Regarding the power, I enjoyed the vape between 25 and 30 W so that it is warm and properly reveals the aromas.

Recommended Moments

  • Recommended times of the day: End of lunch / dinner with a coffee, Early evening to relax with a drink, Late night with or without herbal tea
  • Can this juice be recommended as an Allday Vape: No

Overall average (excluding packaging) of the Vapelier for this juice: 4.61 / 5 4.6 5 out of stars

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My mood ticket on this juice

Unique, surprising, rich and mysterious. Adjectives are not lacking to characterize this Kilim. What work! From the envelope to the final product, Curieux gives us plenty of sight and taste buds! The recipe is very worked and the liquid obtained is worth the detour. I hope he will find his audience and his fans, in the world of the vape where the selected flavors are harmonized to satisfy the consumers rather than to make them discover new horizons. Ah! Kilim wins a well deserved Vapelier Top. A nice journey to all of you!

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