Secret Keys by Flavor Hit
Secret Keys by Flavor Hit

Secret Keys by Flavor Hit

Characteristics of the juice tested

  • Sponsor having lent material for the review: Flavor Hit
  • Price of the tested packaging: 18.90 Euros
  • Quantity: 30 Ml
  • Price per ml: 0.63 Euros
  • Price per liter: 630 Euros
  • Juice category according to price per ml previously calculated: Mid-range, from 0.61 to 0.75 euro ml
  • Nicotine dosage: 9 Mg / Ml
  • Proportion of Vegetable Glycerin: 70%


  • Presence of a box: No
  • Are the materials making up the box recyclable ?:
  • Presence of a seal of inviolability: Yes
  • Material of the bottle: Glass, the packaging will be usable for the filling, only if the stopper is equipped with a pipette
  • Cork equipment: Glass pipette
  • Characteristic of the tip: No tip, will require the use of a filling syringe if the cap is not equipped
  • Name of the juice present in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Display PG-VG proportions in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Wholesale nicotine dosage display on the label: Yes

Steamer note for packaging: 3.73 / 5 3.7 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

All "observers" who have always taken Flavor hit for a baseline player will be very surprised. With a range "Secret" that smells good gluttony, the "other" Alsatian manufacturer goes to the net with brio and without complex to fight with talent against competitors more fashionable.

The range revolves around the secret and it is therefore shameless that I will reveal them all, not having signed my blood on a parchment in human skin.

The Secret Keys is therefore in the form of a dark glass bottle, packaged in 30ml. Available in 0, 3, 6 and 9mg / ml of nicotine and built on a ratio of PG / VG of 30 / 70, it is aimed at confirmed vapers who have a pronounced inclination for high levels of vegetable glycerine. It also targets the gourmet vapoteurs, fans of American-style juices, except that it is displayed without ambrox, paraben and diacetyl, which already seems better than most of its colleagues from elsewhere. Atlantic.

Will the Secret Keys beat the Yankees on their own turf? This is the pitch full of suspense that I propose here.

Legal, security, sanitary, and religious compliance

  • Presence of a child safety on the cap: Yes
  • Clear pictograms on the label: Yes
  • Presence of embossed markings for misleading on the label: Yes
  • 100% of the juice compounds are indicated on the label: Yes
  • Presence of alcohol: No
  • Presence of distilled water: No
  • Presence of essential oils: No
  • Compliance HIDE: Do not know
  • HALAL compliance: Do not know
  • Indication of the name of the laboratory producing the juice: Yes
  • Presence of contacts needed to reach a consumer service on the label: Yes
  • Batch number on the label: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding the respect of various conformities (except religious): 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the security, legal, health and religious aspects

Well, I think that at the level of European security and compliance, the match is folded in advance.

Indeed, Flavor Hit has largely taken the measure of the legal obligations and gives us a detailed plan of the logos, mandatory information, DLUO and so on to assert loud and clear as a perfect representative of what is French vapology today, the most straddling the safety of consovapeurs.

Nothing is missing here, not even a warning dedicated to those who have the misfortune to be allergic to vanilla. It is with great pleasure that the manufacturer takes the health of its customers seriously. It's dignified and elegant.


Appreciation of the packaging

  • Does the graphic design of the label and the product name agree ?: Yes
  • Global correspondence of the packaging with the product name: Yes
  • The packaging effort is in line with the price category: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding packaging with regard to juice category: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

Hide your Unicorn flasks and your clear glass bottles, gentlemen Americans! The Secret Keys arrives in a black-tinted glass flask which, while it will not prevent all the aggressiveness of the sun's rays, will diminish the effects anyway.

Add to that a black label, tone on tone for a class very Frenchy, illustrated with taste in relation to the name of the juice and the concept of the range and we have a strike in due form. The brand pushes attention to detail to harmonize certain fonts with the dominant hue of the central design. It's great !


Sensory appreciations

  • Color and product name agree ?: Yes
  • Does the smell and product name agree ?: Yes
  • Definition of smell: Fruity, Pastry
  • Definition of taste: Sweet, Fruit, Pastry, Vanilla
  • The taste and the name of the product, do they agree ?: Yes
  • Did I like this juice ?: Yes
  • This liquid reminds me: Some American juices but in more defined.

Vapelier's note on sensory experience: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the taste appreciation of the juice

Ouch, it's here that the game is played because we know the deserved reputation of the GIs on the creation of gourmet juices that let themselves be vowed to infinity.

We have a liquid whose recipe has been thought of, weighed, weighted with almost maniacal attention. And it works beyond all hope! We take in the mouth a vanilla pancake, whose aroma is very qualitative because we can even feel the slightly salty aspects of the dough. On top, there is a thin layer of blueberry. Not enough to disguise or take up too much space and enough to color the thick crepe with tact. At the same time, a creamy texture invades the palate. A cream with no particular flavor that is only there to give "chews" juice, thickness.

Everything is sweet with a fairness that does justice to the flavor without ignoring the greed. But the most surprising, especially when you know the difficulties to "specify" the aromas in a creamy context, is this surgical definition of each taste that pays tribute to the recipe while avoiding the hazy aspects of certain assemblies on the same principle.

Everything is a success and, for the sake of not exacerbating international tensions (Editor's note: this is humor, do not send the SWAT!) , I stop there the score.

Tasting recommendations

  • Recommended power for optimal taste: 35 W
  • Type of steam obtained at this power: Thick
  • Hit type obtained at this power: Medium
  • Atomizer used for the review: Vapor Giant Mini V3, Narda
  • Value of the resistance of the atomizer in question: 0.8
  • Materials used with the atomizer: Stainless, Cotton

Comments and recommendations for an optimal tasting

Do not forget to provide an atomizer, clearo, RBA or dripper, able to collect the viscosity of the liquid. But, if so, you can play with the Secret Keys according to your greed. Do you want to transform your living room into an ersatz sieve on a foggy evening? No problem, the juice cash! You prefer to suck your drip-tip maternally vape mid-air to express all the juices of this magic potion? No problem either. This liquid bends to everything, power or temperature, to please you.

Recommended Moments

  • Recommended Moments of the Day: Morning, Morning - Breakfast Coffee, Morning - Breakfast Chocolate, Morning - Breakfast Tea, End of Lunch / Dinner with Coffee, Late Evening with or without Herbal Tea, Night for Insomniacs
  • Can this juice be recommended as an All Day Vape: No

Overall average (excluding packaging) of the Vapelier for this juice: 4.58 / 5 4.6 5 out of stars

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My mood ticket on this juice


This is the word that comes to mind after five minutes of vape on this treasure. A full and generous liquid, of a beautiful aromatic power and which holds all its promises with a great modesty. This is a box full for Flavor Hit and I bet that, if the rest of the range reaches this level, we hold here a future bestseller of the hexagonal scene.

I can not advise you to try it, it will be too little for once ... I advise you to rush to the Secret Keys in your favorite shop and, if it does not, take his wife and children in hostage until he has it. For little, of course, that you like the ingredients in it. But if that's the case, get ready to experience some great taste sensations!

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