Jediy (Star Watts range) by Evaps
Jediy (Star Watts range) by Evaps

Jediy (Star Watts range) by Evaps

Characteristics of the juice tested

  • Sponsor having lent material for the review: Evaps
  • Price of the tested packaging: 17.50 Euros
  • Quantity: 30 Ml
  • Price per ml: 0.58 Euros
  • Price per liter: 580 Euros
  • Juice category according to the price per ml previously calculated: Entry level, up to 0.60 euro the ml
  • Nicotine dosage: 10 Mg / Ml
  • Proportion of Vegetable Glycerin: 100%


  • Presence of a box: No
  • Are the materials making up the box recyclable ?:
  • Presence of a seal of inviolability: Yes
  • Material of the bottle: Glass, the packaging will be usable for the filling, only if the stopper is equipped with a pipette
  • Cork equipment: Glass pipette
  • Characteristic of the tip: No tip, will require the use of a filling syringe if the cap is not equipped
  • Name of the juice present in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Display PG-VG proportions in bulk on the label: Yes
  • Wholesale nicotine dosage display on the label: Yes

Steamer note for packaging: 3.73 / 5 3.7 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

" Warning ! Totally involuntary, fortuitous and unreliable would be any resemblance to a famous Hollywood franchise. Always possible is any discussion about it but listened you will not be. " Jediy.

A long, long time ago, in a distant galaxy composed of vaporous giants, lived two peoples of different customs.

The second of these peoples lived on Ifaiclairici, a very luminous planet because of the twenty-eight suns that surrounded it. The Luminians had only one eye and often suffered from acute conjunctivitis and retinal detachment because the ambient light, night and day, was sufficient to grill the strongest iris.

Despite their cool-attitude (they had fun moving objects by the mere force of their thought and it made them laugh like sea lions), it annoyed them to the highest point.

One day, Jediy, whose real name Yann Onésime Daniel Adamo, had a revelation and his ingenious spirit gave birth to a blue electric baton that was enough to dive into the many liquid lakes of the planet to release a strong vapor. And this vapor, if one repeated the gesture daily, invaded the sky and filtered with happiness the rays of the suns. Thus, the Luminians could see, day and night and continue to do what he did best: nothing.

Jediy also realized that dipping his stick into the liquid gave off an appetizing odor and had the idea of ​​locking this liquid into a blue 30ml glass bottle to sell this liquid to other people in the galaxy. to make them also in plastic bottles of 10ml to avoid being seized his stock by the Empire Sith-Garrett who had the hand on the universal market of, er, all.

He also released two different ratios of PG / VG, the first in 60 / 40 for sunless planets and the second in 100% VG for people living on planets too close to suns. And all this in 0, 3, 5 and 10 mg / ml of nicotine, a sedimentary rock that lined the bottom of the lakes on Ifaiclairici.

Jediy did not know he had invented the Vape. And more exactly the bright side of the Vape.


Legal, security, sanitary, and religious compliance

  • Presence of a child safety on the cap: Yes
  • Clear pictograms on the label: Yes
  • Presence of embossed markings for misleading on the label: Yes
  • 100% of the juice compounds are indicated on the label: Yes
  • Presence of alcohol: No
  • Presence of distilled water: No
  • Presence of essential oils: No
  • Compliance HIDE: Do not know
  • HALAL compliance: Do not know
  • Indication of the name of the laboratory producing the juice: Yes
  • Presence of contacts needed to reach a consumer service on the label: Yes
  • Batch number on the label: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding the respect of various conformities (except religious): 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the security, legal, health and religious aspects

Nevertheless, the Empire counterattacked by launching its bounty hunter to attack the Luminian ships. And it took all of Jediy's ingenuity to thwart the diabolical plot of the Sith-Garrett: atomizing liquid stocks to continue to sell with impunity their smoke stick, so popular with Hutts, Wookies and other primitive races.

He therefore decided, in order to escape these raids, to ensure the total security and transparency of his products so that no zealous minion could seize them under false pretexts. Thus, the bottles clearly displayed pictograms, triangle relief for the Obscurians, contact of the SAV (Syrup A Vaper) and all these things that bug the Sith droids when it is done well.

Thus the ships were able to pass and dispose of the precious liquid to steam the nose and the beard of the Empire.

It was well seen!

Appreciation of the packaging

  • Does the graphic design of the label and the product name agree ?: Yes
  • Global correspondence of the packaging with the product name: Yes
  • The packaging effort is in line with the price category: Yes

Vapelier's note regarding packaging with regard to juice category: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the packaging

It was natural that Jediy put his own face on the flasks. After all, was not he the inventor of this steam engine?

He was recognized for his singular blue color, almost green light, which for a moment credited a legend that he would have uttered his words: "Hulk, I am your father". But no scribe has been able to accredit this thesis, the proofs of which have been lost in time.

It was pretty, springy and especially original even though another product, of the same nature it seemed, named Black Vader invaded the galaxy. It was necessary to stand out ...

Sensory appreciations

  • Color and product name agree ?: Yes
  • Does the smell and product name agree ?: Yes
  • Definition of smell: Fruity, Patissière, Tobacco Blond
  • Definition of taste: Fruit, Patissier, Vanilla, Dried fruit, Tobacco
  • The taste and the name of the product, do they agree ?: Yes
  • Did I like this juice ?: Yes
  • This liquid reminds me: The spirit of The Thing of the French Liquide even if the ingredients are not the same.

Vapelier's note on sensory experience: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Comments on the taste appreciation of the juice

The Jediy was soft as the fur of a freshly washed and brushed Ewok (which was quite rare at that time).

The first impression is a sensation of great smoothness that can be ascribed to the high rate of VG as to the recipe itself. As much as the Black Vador is a slightly greedy tobacco, so here sweets of all kinds invade the palate.

A blond tobacco is used as a base. A tobacco without any roughness and whose very slight bitterness is immediately erased by a very clear vanilla coconut. We can feel the caramelized or roasted appearance of the coconut that pleasantly titillates the tongue.

But another element adds to the tasting. This is a very realistic peanut butter that has a pleasant and original sweet and salty taste that persists in the mouth.

The recipe, unlike the Black Vader of the same manufacturer, tends towards a great softness. The hit is moderate and the steam is smooth. Like Yin and Yang, they are two liquids at each end of the "tobacco" category. One strong and uncompromising, the other sweet and creamy.

But in this case too, the recipe is traced. Each aroma is in its right place and the result is greedy as it should.

Tasting recommendations

  • Recommended power for optimal taste: 35 W
  • Type of steam obtained at this power: Thick
  • Hit type obtained at this power: Medium
  • Atomizer used for the review: Vapor Giant Mini V3, Cyclone AFC
  • Value of the resistance of the atomizer in question: 0.8
  • Materials used with the atomizer: Nichrome, Cotton

Comments and recommendations for an optimal tasting

In 60 / 40, it will pass on all types of atomizers. In 100% VG, it will be necessary to rely on a device capable of accommodating such a viscosity. Its ideal temperature is between warm and warm and it cash well power if you add a consistent airflow.

Recommended Moments

  • Recommended moments of the day: Morning, Morning - breakfast coffee, Morning - breakfast chocolate, End of lunch / dinner with a coffee, End of lunch / dinner with a digestive, All the afternoon during the activities of everyone , Late night with or without herbal tea
  • Can this juice be recommended as an All Day Vape: Yes

Overall average (excluding packaging) of the Vapelier for this juice: 4.58 / 5 4.6 5 out of stars

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My mood ticket on this juice

Here is a gourmet tobacco that has passed the bright side of the Vape maintaining a beautiful sweetness and an anthology of sweet ingredients.

And yet, sugar, there is not too much. Just enough to typify the juice but not too much not to denature the ingredients that compose it. A nice success, again, which shows that the category has a bright future.

To disadvised frugivores and menthophages of any hair, of course. For others, indulge yourself with this juice which, beyond being excellent, also tells a beautiful story.

When the Luminians, since the steam has invaded their planet, they have certainly discovered peace in the eye but also the rain. Of course, with all these clouds ...

May the Vape be with you.

(c) Copyright Vapelier SAS 2014 - Only the complete reproduction of this article is authorized - Any modification of any nature whatsoever is totally prohibited and violates the rights of this copyright.

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