Istick mini 20 watts by Eleaf
Istick mini 20 watts by Eleaf

Istick mini 20 watts by Eleaf

Commercial characteristics

  • Sponsor who lent the product for the review: MyVapors Europe
  • Price of the tested product: 37.68 Euros
  • Product category according to its selling price: Entry level (from 1 to 40 euros)
  • Mod type: Electronics with voltage and variable power
  • Is the mod telescopic? No
  • Maximum power: 20 watts
  • Maximum voltage: 5.5
  • Minimum value in Ohms resistance for a start: 1.0

Reviewer comments on business characteristics

The mini Istick returns, still as mini, more powerful and more complete. The first mini Istick of the name with its 10 watts was attractive, but it could only be suitable for novice vapers or carto-tank fans. With 20 watts, the deal changes. From now on, she can tackle a wider audience. The Istick mini represents, it seems to me, the ratio weight, power, the most impressive size of the market. And the price is also rather mini.


Physical characteristics and felt quality

  • Width or Diameter of the product in mms: 23.5
  • Product Length or Height in mms: 52
  • Product weight in grams: 55
  • Material composing the product: Aluminum
  • Type of Form Factor: Box mini - IStick type
  • Decorative style: Feminine
  • Quality of decoration: Good
  • Is the coating of the mod sensitive to fingerprints? No
  • All components of this mod seem well assembled? Yes
  • Fire button position: Lateral near the top cap
  • Fire button type: Mechanical plastic on contact rubber
  • Number of buttons in the interface, including touch areas if they are present: 2
  • Type of user interface buttons: Mechanical plastic on contact rubber
  • Quality of the interface button (s): Medium, the button makes noise within its enclave
  • Number of parts in the product: 1
  • Number of threads: 1
  • Quality of the threads: Good
  • Overall, do you appreciate the quality of manufacture of this product with regard to its price? Yes

Rating of the vapelier as to feelings quality: 3.4 / 5 3.4 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on physical characteristics and perceived quality

It is a copy-paste of the first version, it is identical. The finish is quite respectable for the level of product range. The size is just unbelievable: 20 watts in a small "thing" big as a mini Mars! (I did not find anything else as a point of comparison 😉). The oled screen is nice but when the atomizer is in place, it's not too practical. The buttons always play the maracas. But at this price, we will be indulgent.



Functional features

  • Type of chipset used: Owner
  • Connection type: 510, Ego - via an adapter
  • Adjustable positive plot? No, a flush mount can only be guaranteed through an adjustment of the positive atomizer pad if it allows it
  • Lock system ? Electronic
  • Quality of the locking system: Good, the function does what it is for
  • Features offered by mod: Battery charge display, Resistance value display, Short circuit protection from atomizer, Display of current vape voltage, Display of current vape power , Display of the vape time of each puff, Clear diagnostic messages
  • Accu Compatibility: Proprietary Accus
  • Does the mod support stacking? No
  • Number of used batteries: The batteries are owners / Not applicable
  • Does the mod retain its configuration without batteries? Not applicable
  • Does the mod offer a recharge feature? Charging function possible via Micro-USB
  • Is the recharge function pass-through? Yes
  • Does the mode offer a Power Bank function? No power bank function offered by the mod
  • Does the mode offer other functions? No other function offered by the mod
  • Presence of a regulation of the flow of air? Yes
  • Maximum diameter in mms of compatibility with an atomizer: 22
  • Accuracy of the fully charged output power of the battery: Medium, because there is a noticeable difference depending on the value of the atomizer resistance
  • Accuracy the output voltage at full charge of the battery: Medium, because there is a noticeable difference depending on the value of the resistance of the atomizer

Vapelier's note regarding functional characteristics: 3.3 / 5 3.3 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on functional features

I already told you that the maximum power is 20 watts. The load capacity is always 1050 mAh as the previous version. The lithium battery is very stable guarantee. On the other hand, there is something new about bedridden functions: 5 clicks, it starts; you adjust the power with the + and - buttons. During the puff, the time runs on the tiny round OLED screen. There, you say to yourself: nothing new. But if but, it will come. If you make 3 clicks, the charge of the battery appears, surrounded by the symbol ohm, watt or volt. You then use the interface buttons to make your choice. If you select "ohm": the resistance value appears. The "Watt" and "Volt" symbols will allow you to switch from variable power mode to variable voltage mode.

Add that the box has a protection against short circuits of the atomizer and a low voltage output protection.

In short, it has everything you need, this chip!

Evaluation of the packaging

  • Presence of a box accompanying the product: Yes
  • Would you say that the packaging is up to the price of the product? Yes
  • Presence of a user manual? Yes
  • Is the manual understandable for a non-English speaker? Yes
  • Does the manual explain ALL features? Yes

Vapelier's note on packaging: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on conditioning

The kit is good, it's almost complete. Ego adapter, USB cable, it just misses the wall adapter. We note the presence of a manual in French that will allow you to know everything about your new acquisition. It's a no-fault.


Appreciations in use

  • Easy transportation with the test atomizer: Ok for an inside jacket pocket (no deformations)
  • Disassembly and cleaning facilities: Super simple, even blind in the dark!
  • Easy to change the batteries: Not applicable, the battery is only rechargeable
  • Did the mod heat up? No
  • Has there been erratic behavior after one day of use? No
  • Description of situations in which the product has experienced erratic behavior

Vapelier's note in terms of usability: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on the use of the product

Simple, effective, you will slip it in a pocket, in a very small purse or even, who knows, in a more incongruous place. It will be forgotten, light, tiny but still effective. I see it more in the hands of a lady but it will also delight those who do not assume an imposing set-up.

Recommendations for use

  • Type of battery used during the tests: The batteries are owners on this mod
  • Number of batteries used during the tests: The batteries are owners / Not applicable
  • With which type of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? A conventional fiber - resistance greater than or equal to 1.7 Ohms, A fiber low resistance inf or equal to 1.5 ohms
  • With which model of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? A good clairo, or a rebuildable type kaifun lite
  • Description of the test configuration used: kaifun resistance 1,9 fiber kanthal
  • Description of the ideal configuration with this product: Eleaf recommends the air gs

was the product liked by the reviewer: Yes

Overall average of the Vapelier for this product: 4.2 / 5 4.2 5 out of stars

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The mood ticket of the reviewer

I summarize: nothing changes aesthetically. But everything changes on the rest. More powerful and more complete, this mini Istick has many assets to become a queen on the sector, not the mini, but the microphone. If the Istick is mini, the Istick mini, for once, is micro 😉. This product will please women: its "flashies" tart colors, its small screen, its little buttons ... it's cute troooop. This is the cardboard of the summer, we will see everywhere on the beaches. Combined with a compact clearo, you have the most nomadic solution on the market.

The defects are always the same: noisy buttons, rough regulation and a vape not quite smooth. On the other hand, what is a quality for some may prove to be a problem for others. And yes, if you have big hands, the "little" will be a little tricky to apprehend.

In conclusion, the Istick mini is good value for money and its size / weight / power ratio is just stunning. Come back a few months back and think back to your Vamo that went up to 15 watts and that was the cause of many jokes from your colleagues: "what's your baton" and so on ....

Thanks to Myvapors for this new exclusivity.

Good vape


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