Istick 50W by Eleaf [Flash Test]
Istick 50W by Eleaf [Flash Test]

Istick 50W by Eleaf [Flash Test]

A. Commercial specifications

  • [/ if] Price of the tested product: 51.90 Euros
  • Mod type: Electronics
  • Shape type: Classic box - VaporShark type

B. Data sheet

  • Maximum power: 50 watts
  • Maximum voltage: 10
  • Minimum value of resistance for a start; 0.2 Ohms
  • Length or height of the product: 83 mms
  • Product Width or Height: 23 mms
  • Weight with battery: 151 grams
  • Material dominating set: Aluminum

C. Packaging

  • Packaging quality: Correct
  • Presence of a notice: Yes

D. Qualities and use

  • Overall quality: Correct
  • Quality of rendering: Exceptional
  • Stability of rendering: Good
  • Ease of implementation: Exceptional

E. Conclusions and comments of the user who authored the journal

Let things be clear:

- it is a Chinese product positioned on low cost / entry range.

- the price is 50 € on average in France for complete equipment: batteries included and charger included.

- the finish is above what can be expected from such a product but below a product designed by craftsmen by reputable professionals.

What makes me a game changer in the world of boxes at the time I write these lines is above all his power and his torque. The last time I met such a UFO, it was in 2012 with the arrival of the Vamo. At that time I did not stop screwing my rebuildable on all the appliances that I crossed to make a resistance of 2.5ohms to the maximum of the power possible and it was a real hecatomb until the exit of DNA20 Evolv. The experienced designer electronic mod was then the only alternative.

A little less than 3 years later, the same scenario is repeated for my search for power outside the sub-ohm. In place of Rainbow Heaven with his Vamo, so Eleaf takes over with his Istick 50w. The 20w and 30w models have already been part of my elimination process. Only alternative for me therefore, the box equipped with a DNA40 to a minimum of 300% of the price of a Itsick50. As this is a fun purchase since I mainly use meca mods for the all day, I could not see myself investing 150 € more than 600 € for fun. Especially knowing that electronic cards are very quickly obsolete.

Just as the Vamo was when compared to its competitors, it is brutal, nervous and very responsive (latency nonexistent), does not balk at a MCC dedicated to cloud-chasing or a very resistive dual coil. Its 10vt of torque and its limit of 0.2ohm / 5ohms allow all the follies. And we read the disappointment in the eyes of aficionados of beautiful objects when they discover the eyes full of hope and curiosity that in the palm of your hand, it is "only" a small chinoiserie at low cost. But it's also for this factor that I like it ... ^^

At the vape, the signal is detectable from 0.8 ohms and up to 2 ohms for the most sensitive of us. No need to hope for the stability of an alternating signal or a meca, it is a card as violent as primitive. It becomes extremely pleasant against 3 ohms and on its limits in sub-ohm (0.2 / 0.3), against all odds and comparing it with boxes equipped with a chipset Yihi to mention the most widespread.

It is difficult for me to recommend it to users using lambdas consumables with single coil resistances lower than 2ohms and superior to 0.5 ohms, its enthusiasm and its nervousness can be problematic for rather quiet users. To embark on the rebuildable or have fun at a lower cost, she takes for me the leadership because of its price. An excellent introduction before taking the step towards a limited edition material much more expensive and a margin of sufficient power to be durable.

Its autonomy will depend on the use that is made of it but it is located on the average of the majority of boxes mounted in parallel. To leave a full day is not a stressful mission. I strongly advise to use at least a 1A USB wall charger as recommended at the end of the box. Ability to vape without a drop in "peps" by charging on a cigarette lighter, a 220v socket, a tablet, a power bank, a PC ... the card is equipped with good capacitors.

The coating is scratched quickly and the satin / brushed look of the metal gray version can be a good option for heavy use, ring wear and harsh environments. Anodizing is deep despite everything. On two models bought at the same place, the buttons are firm, stable and pleasant. Despite its simplicity, ergonomics is very good.

Note from the user author of the review: 3 / 5 3 5 out of stars

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