Feedlink Revvo Kit by Aspire
Feedlink Revvo Kit by Aspire

Feedlink Revvo Kit by Aspire

Commercial characteristics

  • Sponsor having loaned the product for the magazine: Aspire France
  • Price of the tested product: 89 € (Indicative retail price)
  • Product category according to its selling price: High end (from 81 to 120 euros)
  • Mod type: Electronics without voltage or power adjustment. (Skarabäus)
  • Is the mod telescopic? No
  • Maximum power: Not applicable
  • Maximum voltage: 4.2V
  • Minimum value in Ohms resistance for a start: 0.1

Reviewer comments on business characteristics

When we list the top 5 of major manufacturers in terms of vape, Aspire is one of the names that comes back tirelessly. The brand is assured to pass to the posterity of the vape for producing legendary atomizers including the famous Nautilus all versions, including the first, are still selling as chocolate buns in the bakery on my street.

However, even if we had noticed interesting modals punctuating the long course of the Chinese manufacturer, it is clear that up to now, beyond a polite interest and a certain success of esteem, these pieces n had not really managed to fascinate the market. Nevertheless, these tests could have taught us that the brand was learning quickly and well and many of us were waiting for the day Aspire would release a best-selling mod, just like the atos that made it famous.

Without wishing to reveal the content of the magazine below, it seems that the moment has finally arrived. By creating a French division first, which is rather flattering for our country which still counts in the world vape and leaving suddenly a revolutionary Revvo and the famous Feedlink which will occupy us today afterwards.

Aspire proposes us a box of type bottom feeder, rigged of a atomizer Revvo reinterpreted for the circumstance. The set bears the surname of Feedlink Revvo kit and presents, as we will see later, innovative peculiarities for the category.

Is this the long-awaited renaissance of the Chinese giant on a segment certainly buoyant but where no one really expected? That's what we'll see together. Follow me and do not forget the guide please ...

Physical characteristics and felt quality

  • Width or Diameter of the product in mm: 30 for the mod, 24 for the atomizer
  • Product Length or Height in mm: H87 x L48 for mod, H37 for atomizer
  • Product weight in grams: 266 incl.
  • Product component material: Stainless steel, zinc alloy, plastic, Pyrex
  • Form Factor Type: Gun Stock
  • Decorative style: gun butt
  • Quality of decoration: Excellent, it is a work of art
  • Is the coating of the mod sensitive to fingerprints? No
  • All the components of this mod seem well assembled? Yes
  • Fire button position: On the top cap
  • Fire button type: Mechanical plastic on contact rubber
  • Number of buttons in the interface, including touch areas if they are present: 0
  • UI button type: No other button
  • Quality of interface button (s): Not applicable interface button
  • Number of parts composing the product: 12 (5 for the mod / 7 for the ato)
  • Number of threads: 9 (3 on the mod / 6 on the ato)
  • Quality of the threads: Very good
  • Overall, do you appreciate the quality of manufacture of this product with regard to its price? Yes

Rating of the vapelier as to feelings quality: 4.9 / 5 4.9 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on physical characteristics and perceived quality

The aesthetic part is often the seductive asset of a material of vape, we will begin the chapter by this aspect.

For once, Aspire bluffs us by presenting a beautiful box, largely inspired by gun butts, a form factor that changes in the generally well-wisely and well squared category of squonk boxes. Thus, by juggling a zinc alloy body with a superb brushed finish and decorated with plastic inserts to stick to the Gun spirit of the machine, Aspire offers a balanced design, classy and perfectly ergonomic.

Indeed, the Feedlink holds in hand as if it was grafted to your palm and the active elements have been disseminated judiciously to make your life easier as ever. First, a plastic switch, very responsive and clicky as we like, takes a position on the top-cap and therefore impose a thumb support. Hard and resistant plastic, the switch is articulated on hinge in its high part, which makes that the finger finds its marks very quickly and, even if one is rather "index" in the soul as I am, one finds quickly its brands.

The squonkable part is on the front. Thus, the mass is said: annular maneuver for the squonk, thumb for the switch, it's so natural that it quickly becomes unavoidable.

We all know that handling is crucial in the use of a box. Here, Aspire has taken care of his score and the combinatorial form / materials reaches a very high level that benefits the comfort and ergonomics of use. Unmatched!

As far as machining and finishing is concerned, we are on a high-flying object that ingeniously mixes outstanding quality for the price: assured threads, top-class assemblies, perfectly integrated inserts, hard to find any flat even when we seek it well. Aspire worked, took his time but the result was worth the wait.

An atomizer is provided in the kit. This is the Revvo which is, in my opinion, the great success of this beginning of the year and which has the happiness of unanimity in the drafting of the Vapelier, which is rare enough to be noted! 😉 I invite you to see Sister Sylvie's review on this subject: here.

This atomizer is equipped with proprietary resistors ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) which are very specific resistors and totally innovative because they are horizontal, flat and offer a heating surface rarely reached until then. The rendering of vape is thus magnified, both in flavor and vapor. For the oldest of the vapers, they will find here a vape almost typed Genesis, with a very marked texturing and a beautiful aromatic saturation.

The Revvo present in the kit introduces three notable features. First, it is only 2ml of capacity instead of 3.6ml on the usual Revvo. Why ? Simply because it is equipped with a pin bottom feeder which allows to fill it from below. It is besides a particularity still rather rare in the vapological landscape but quite appreciable. Indeed, the presence of a pyrex that reveals the inside of the tank tells us completely about the amount of liquid remaining and therefore, the time to squonker again to fill the tank. It works perfectly and we get very quickly at the game glance / squonk that the system induces.

The last peculiarity of the kit's specific Revvo is that it does not have the filling mechanism at the top because, of course, you will not need it. From then on, just fill it up at the first use by removing the resistance, which takes 5 seconds and then, the bottom-feeding miracle will do the rest!

Functional features

  • Type of chipset used: Owner
  • Connection type: 510
  • Adjustable positive plot? Yes, through a spring.
  • Lock system ? Electronic
  • Quality of the locking system: Excellent, the chosen approach is very practical
  • Features offered by the mod: Battery charge display, Protection against short circuits from the atomizer, Protection against the reversal of polarity of accumulators, Fixed protection against overheating of the resistors of the atomizer, Luminous indicators of operation
  • Accusability: 18650
  • Does the mod support stacking? No
  • Number of batteries supported: 1
  • Does the mod retain its configuration without batteries? Not applicable
  • Does the mod offer a recharge feature? No recharge function offered by the mod
  • Is the recharge function pass-through? No recharge function offered by the mod
  • Does the mode offer a Power Bank function? No power bank function offered by the mod
  • Does the mode offer other functions? No other function offered by the mod
  • Presence of a regulation of the flow of air? No
  • Maximum diameter in mm of compatibility with an atomizer: 24
  • Accuracy of the fully charged output power of the battery: Not applicable, it is a mechanical mod
  • Accuracy the output voltage at full charge of the battery: Excellent, there is no difference between the requested voltage and the actual voltage

Vapelier's note regarding functional characteristics: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on functional features

The functions of the Feedlink are simple and require a comment. The target audience for this product is clearly the intermediate vaper who wants to go to the BF without facing the rebuildable but still wants a rendering worthy of the big set-ups. By extension, the product is also for experienced users who want an easy-to-manage portable BF set-up to safely and happily vape all day long without having to transport their usual gas plant!

The mod works exclusively in By-Pass. That is, it emulates the operation of a mechanical mod. In fact, it will send 4.2V when the battery is charged to the maximum and its output power will drop depending on the residual voltage in the battery. No screen, no settings, no headaches. We support, it vapes. We do not support, it does not vape!

By cons, and this is the major contribution of electronics, the system will be fully protected by the chipset. Against short circuits, overheating and deep discharge by a cut-off. So we have the advantages of a mecha, at the level of the rigor of the signal complemented by the benefits of electro in terms of security.

For the rest, Aspire takes the classics. Thus, five clicks on the switch put the device in On or Off.

A big part of a well-functioning BF box is the tightness of its liquid supply system. Here, Aspire has done very hard by proposing a long cylindrical silicone tank that can hold up to 7ml, surmounted by a metal cap that can be unscrewed to fill it. This piece is extended by a steel pipe that plunges to the bottom of the tank to suck the entire juice. No rubber tubing, sometimes a few leaks. A male element located at the top of the mod housing fits into a female part at the top of the bottle and, by the magic of a simple spring system, then opens the passage. Zero leak, it works perfectly!

The top-cap of the mod is occupied by a steel plate for the support of the ato, so far no big news. Yet, again, Aspire out the big game by connecting the connection of an O-ring, standing out well to the touch, to ensure the necessary seal between the mod and the ato. This simple feature, which we owe to hackers users of BF, Aspire has therefore taken over on its own for the benefit of profane and experts.

Regarding the Feedlink, I still have to warn you: it does not embark recharge system. It will therefore be necessary to provide spare batteries. It is surprising that this absence but I find it completely consistent with the purpose of the kit. Indeed, the resistances being given for 0.10 / 0.15Ω, one must expect a rather strong intensity. So, as much as you say that the choice of your batteries will be of paramount importance in securing your set-up. Fortunately, Aspire has planned the blow by bridling the power and intensity to put no one in danger. Thus, the maximum power will be about 80W and the intensity around 25A. On the other hand, these figures being all the same eloquent, there is no question of leaving the load to an internal device that can not provide reliability comparable to a good external charger. This explains why ...

Regarding the Revvo, it retains all the features of the "civil" version, namely the famous ARC resistors, an airflow ring judiciously located at the top of the top-cap and easy to maneuver. He adds the famous BF pin that allows the system to work.

Evaluation of the packaging

  • Presence of a box accompanying the product: Yes
  • Would you say that the packaging is up to the price of the product? Yes
  • Presence of a user manual? Yes
  • Is the manual understandable for a non-English speaker? Yes
  • Does the manual explain ALL features? Yes

Vapelier's note on packaging: 5 / 5 5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on conditioning

We are entitled to a proper packaging. A black rigid cardboard topped with a tunnel illustrated by the kit contains the essential components of the kit:

  • Seal bag for the Revvo.
  • An additional resistance, the Revvo arriving already equipped.
  • A clear and detailed notice. (Note that I do not know if it will be translated into French at the time I write because I have a pre-market sample).

No charging cable but, if you have followed everything, you know why! 🙂

Appreciations in use

  • Easy transportation with the test atomizer: Ok for an external jacket pocket (no deformations)
  • Disassembly and cleaning facilities: Super simple, even blind in the dark!
  • Easy to change the batteries: Super simple, even blind in the dark!
  • Did the mod heat up? No
  • Have there been erratic behaviors after one day of use? No
  • Description of situations in which the product has experienced erratic behavior

Vapelier's note in terms of usability: 4.5 / 5 4.5 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on the use of the product

Forget everything you've read so far because the main point of our Feedlink kit is here!

Indeed, if there is only one thing to remember of this set-up, it is the quality of its rendering. Of course, the Revvo is for many and those who have had the chance to test it will quickly understand what I am talking about. We have a smooth, supple vape, a great generator of steam and an exceptional aromatic vitality. I'll probably make enemies (you're not nice, 😉) but the return of flavors is, in my opinion, superior to a large majority of drippers. Here it is, you can throw stones at me!

Not to mention that the volume of steam and especially its texture are really models of the genre. Of course, we do not speak here of MTL, we already know that Aspire also knows how to do but rather an ultra-generous vape, aerial wish, a vape for impenitent gourmands!

The LED in the switch red to blue to pass through based on the remaining voltage in the battery.

The success of the kit consists of having grafted a powerful atomizer to a box free of any hindrance. Everything is perfectly synchronous and sends with great constancy the 80W necessary for the quality of the rendering.

Of course, the Revvo heats a little but, given the power collected and the heating surface, the opposite would have been very surprising. However, this heat does not reach the lips, which is essential.

As for the mod, it remains THE material best suited to the atomizer. Devoid of energy-consuming technical growths, he focuses on his first mission brilliantly: to heat the resistance!

Recommendations for use

  • Type of batteries used during the tests: 18650
  • Number of batteries used during testing: 1
  • With which type of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? Dripper Bottom Feeder
  • With which model of atomizer is it advisable to use this product? The Revvo, of course!
  • Description of the test configuration used: The Kit as is
  • Description of the ideal configuration with this product: The kit as it is

was the product liked by the reviewer: Yes

Overall average of the Vapelier for this product: 4.9 / 5 4.9 5 out of stars

The mood ticket of the reviewer

Quite apart from each other, long-term testing of materials and e-liquids means that we become a little hermetic to emotion.

I recognize that for about two years, it is quite rare that a material is intrinsically bad. The overall quality, both in terms of hardware and juice is constantly increasing and that is why the notes tend to fly and the tops to burst. No bad mind here, just notice, as you probably do every day, that the vape moves and improves.

Yet, it is nice to come across a material that was not expected! Between the Feedlink and me, it's absolute love at first sight, the moment of emotion I was expecting this year. Here is a perfect kit, with an avalanche of innovative features that make it unique and whose rendering is, sincerely, far above what could be expected.

So, we can forgive the rare defects such as heavy consumption or the fact that the Revvo heats a lot, when the result is so breathtaking! Moreover, I do not think I have ever given an 4.9 / 5 to a material but today, it is nevertheless the case.

So I give him a Top Mod with a single regret, that of not having "Sur Top" or "Over the Top" to really illustrate the very good materials that I have tested in recent times. Because make no mistake, the Feedlink kit is exceptional and I bet that commercial success will be at the end of the road. The Aspire legend is on its way ...

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