dotMTL by Dotmod
dotMTL by Dotmod

dotMTL by Dotmod

Commercial characteristics

  • Sponsor having loaned the product for the magazine: The Little Vapoteur
  • Price of the tested product: 49.90 €
  • Product category based on sales price: Mid-range (from 36 to 70 €)
  • Atomizer type: Classic rebuildable
  • Number of resistances allowed: 1
  • Resistance Type: Classic Reconstructible, Rebuildable Micro Coil, Reconstructible Classic Temperature Controlled, Rebuildable Micro Coil with Temperature Control
  • Type of wicks supported: Cotton
  • Quantity in milliliters announced by the manufacturer: 3

Reviewer comments on business characteristics

The indirect vape lives a return to grace. More tasty, more reasonable and more economical, many DL enthusiasts to return to this original vape.
Americans from Dotmod therefore decided to follow the "moove" and to propose the dotMTL.

This name, little original, actually hides a more sharp atomizer than its simple and uncluttered appearance would suggest.

An 22 mm, single coil, 3ml tank, this dotMTL is presented as very classic in its characteristics. Originality lies hidden in the heart of its air supply system. There is certainly a ghost ring system but that's not all.

At 50 €, the case seems rather honest, I would say that we are pretty good for a product Dotmod.

Physical characteristics and felt quality

  • Width or Diameter of the product in mm: 22
  • Length or height of the product in mm as sold, but without its drip-tip if it is present, and regardless of the length of the connection: 46
  • Weight in grams of the product as sold, with its drip-tip if it is present: 46
  • Material constituting the product: Stainless Steel, Steel, Delrin, Polycarbonate
  • Form Factor Type: Kayfun / Russian
  • Number of component parts without screws and washers: 5
  • Number of threads: 4
  • Quality of the threads: Very good
  • Number of O-rings, Drip-Tip excluded: 4
  • Quality of O-rings present: Good
  • O-Ring Positions: Drip-Tip Connection, Bottom Cap - Tank, Other
  • Capacity in milliliters actually usable: 3
  • Overall, do you appreciate the quality of manufacture of this product with regard to its price? Yes

Vapelier's note on quality feelings: 4.9 / 5 4.9 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on physical characteristics and perceived quality

As often with this brand, we have the right to a very elegant product in his design. With its 22 mm and 46 mm high, the DotMTL adopts a design with finesse and lightness.

Depending on the chosen tank, this impression will vary a little bit. Thus, with the transparent polycarbonate tank which gives a glimpse of the bell engraved with the logo of the brand, this impression of finesse will be reinforced.

The metal tank, it gives a look a little more massive, I say a little more because in reality the atomizer still keeps a very fine aspect.
The tank is surmounted by a piece that looks like a little hat. It is the drip-tip which, in passing, seals the tank at the base since it is screwed directly on the chimney. Note that this little "hat" also allows the filling of the tank from above.

Under the bell, we see a tray that allows the installation of a single coil. We can see the arrival of air from above and also the three small holes of the lateral arrival. The tray disengages from the base to give access to one of the two airflow settings.

Finally, the base hosts an airflow adjustment ring. It is a secondary system that is called ghost because we do not see the holes directly.
The materials are rather correct, the realization suffers no defects.

We are facing a product Dotmod which respects the usual codes of the mark and which is rather placed in a rather high slice of the mid-range.

Functional features

  • Connection type: 510
  • Adjustable positive plot? No, a flush mount can only be guaranteed through a setting of the positive pad of the battery or the mod on which it will be installed
  • Presence of a regulation of the flow of air? Yes, and variable
  • Diameter in mm maximum of the air regulation possible: 3
  • Minimum diameter in mm of the air regulation possible: 0.1
  • Positioning of the air regulation: Positioning of the adjustable air regulation effectively
  • Spray chamber type: bell type
  • Heat dissipation of the product: Normal

Reviewer's comments on functional features

Le DotMTL is well equipped.
First, there is a solution of filling from the top, very simple.
Then, we have a tank, that I say, two tanks whose capacity is 3 ml, which corresponds rather well to a use MTL.
A tray equipped with a post coil clamp simple that offers a beautiful workspace and seems easy to implement.
Finally, an airflow system with many possibilities.

Indeed, there is of course a ring of adjustment of the air flow but that's not all. Depending on the pin used, you will activate one or all air channels, and in addition, is under the mounting plate, another opening whose size can be adjusted with great finesse.

In short, it is on this point that we find the most originality and a priori, the multiple possibilities seem very interesting to study.
So we have a small atomizer that seems well armed to allow you to explore all aspects of the indirect vape.

Drip-Tip Features

  • Type of attachment of the drip-tip: Owner only
  • Presence of a Drip-Tip? Yes, the vaper can immediately use the product
  • Length and type of drip-tip present: Medium
  • Quality of the present drip-tip: Good

Reviewer's comments on the Drip-Tip

There is not one but two drip-tip in the pack. Finally, physically, they are both completely identical, the only thing that differs is the color, black for one and brown orange for the other, translucent type Ultem.
Since this drip-tip is also the "cap" of the tank, it will not be possible to use another type 510 or 810, so it will absolutely get used to those.

In any case, we note that they are quite pleasant and that they correspond to an indirect type of vape.

Evaluation of the packaging

  • Presence of a box accompanying the product: Yes
  • Would you say that the packaging is up to the price of the product? Yes
  • Presence of a user manual? Yes
  • Is the manual understandable for a non-English speaker? No
  • Does the manual explain ALL features? Yes

Vapelier's note on packaging: 4 / 5 4 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on conditioning

As for the presentation, we stay on the usual little black box marked with the golden logo of the brand. On the back, there is a description of the product and content of the box and all the normative logos.

Inside, nestled in a dense foam, we find the different components of our pack. The atomizer is equipped with the default transparent polycarbonate tank, it is accompanied by the metal tank, a screwdriver, spare joints, the second drip-tip and two different pins. A certificate of authenticity and a notice in English complete the pack.

A nice presentation that respects the usual codes of the brand, sobriety and class.

Appreciations in use

  • Transport facilities with the mod of the test configuration: Ok for an external jacket pocket (no deformations)
  • Disassembly and cleaning facilities: Easy, even standing in the street, with a simple tissue paper
  • Filling facilities: Easy, even standing in the street
  • Easy to change resistors: Easy but needs to empty the atomizer
  • Is it possible to use this product throughout the day with several E-Juice vials? Yes perfectly
  • Was there leak after one day of use? No

Note from Vapelier on the ease of use: 4.2 / 5 4.2 5 out of stars

Reviewer's comments on the use of the product

Le DotMTL is discreet, associated with a box mono 18650 we end up with a compact set-up and saw that we vape at very reasonable power we will have a good autonomy.
The coil is easy to install no difficulty in sight, the clamp system has the advantage of tightening both legs at the same time.
The cotton is easy to dose, again it is without difficulty, the two ends of our wick will find their place in the two small rounded notches placed on both sides of the plate.

The most innovative and complex is at the level of the airflow. So we have a ring that regulates the main air intake but the resulting flow can be regulated too, we can operate both arrivals at the same time and in this configuration we can vary the "sharing" of the airflow between the two diffusers. But we can also use only one by changing the pine. In short, we can make a real tailor-made fine tuning. So everything is not rosy in the system, it will indeed that the atomizer is empty to act on the setting "end", once filled, we can only act on the main ring.

The sensations are pretty good, the flavors are present and my faith, we can really find its ideal setting.
The filling is done from the top, you just have to unscrew the drip-tip, the opening is not huge and you have to be careful with large tips like those of unicorn bottles for example because it is easy to pour one little by little. The other problem of this system comes from the fact that the tank is maintained only by a simple joint when removing the drip-tip and when the joints are more "soft", it is necessary to be careful not to dislodge accidentally the tank .

Overall, this DotMTL is interesting but it is not without small defects.

Recommendations for use

  • With which type of mod is it advisable to use this product? Electronic
  • With which mod model is it advisable to use this product? A small electro mod
  • With which type of E-Juice is it advisable to use this product? All liquids without problem
  • Description of the test configuration used: Associated with my Hcigar vt40, coil at 1.2Ω Kanthal 0.40 mm
  • Description of the ideal configuration with this product: I like mine

was the product liked by the reviewer: Yes

Overall average of the Vapelier for this product: 4.7 / 5 4.7 5 out of stars

The mood ticket of the reviewer

This new craze MTL is not to displease me and DotMod offers us one of the most advanced atomizers I know.
If we had to draw a parallel with one of my favorite references, I would say we are facing a small sports car. Pretty looking, light, looking a little stripped everything is under the hood, finally under the bell. A tray with two air intake possibilities that can be operated independently or simultaneously. You can fine tune its settings thanks to the two air intake adjustment systems. In short, we are dealing with a product with a system that can be adjusted with diabolical precision.

But, there is always a "but". This pointed system is also quite impractical because one of the settings requires emptying the tank, which is not very convenient I admit.
Then I'm a little suspicious of this tank kept in place only by joints when filling from above, I really fear that with the relaxation of his last, we sometimes have accidental stalls.
Otherwise the assembly and the cotton are easy which is a good point.

So this DotMod picks up his Top Ato despite its small defects. The quality is at the price and the pack is rather complete but above all, it is an atomizer that offers great opportunities to fall back into the original vape.

Good vape,


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