58 years, carpenter, 35 tobacco years stopped net on my first day of vape, 26 December 2013, on an e-Vod. I vape most of the time in mecha dripper and make my juices ... thanks to the prepas of the pros.

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  • Intense Licorice by Nhoss

    To impress genre specialists, a skillfully made juice for adults, but not for ...

November, 2019
  • Yu No 2 by Vapeflam

    Ode to blue with Yu 2, But no, not Bleu de Bresse, it's a fruit not a cheese. ...

October, 2019September, 2019July, 2019
  • Hi 3 by Vapeflam

    When it's good and what's more French it says it's all! ...

  • Hi n ° 1 by Vape Flam

    A gourmet tobacco under the influence ... Feminine ... ...

June, 2019May, 2019
  • Hi Zero by Vapeflam

    Nostalgic of winter snacks? This is the moment of Hi Zero. ...

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