About us...

What is Le Vapelier?

We are a communication and promotional company, multi-channel, B2B and B2C publishing news, reviews, analyzes, tests and evaluations of vaping products (use of the electronic cigarette, or personal vaporizer).

The head office of our company Le Vapelier OLF is located in Morocco, Tangier.

All of our work is accessible free of charge, and are aimed at all populations able to understand one of the TEN languages of expressions through which we publish.


The idea of ​​the Vapelier is part of a simple observation: All areas of industrial or leisure activities have their quality charter, their referencing directory by category, value added, service rendered.

  • The hotels are classified by stars, clearly visible from their pediments.
  • The great restaurants are referenced by toques, forks ... as in the famous gastronomic guide Gault Millau.
  • The cars are listed by their abilities to withstand Euro NCap's destructive tests ...

All of these classifications, ratings and ratings allow consumers to know what to expect before buying ... That's true for everything except the Vape!

It is precisely this void that comes to fill The Vapelier, the first platform of comparison, evaluation, and notation dedicated to the vape.


We have modeled all the skills of our team through extensive hardware and liquid tests (just like the FNAC file tests), which allow independent reviewers to test, score, evaluate everything, following the protocols. Vapelier, to put all the results available to the community .

Reviews made by several reviewers on the same juice or material will result in global averages that will allow the vapers to know what to expect before spending a penny. Each review will also be accompanied by links to commercial sites offering the material or juice tested.

  • No more searching for hours to buy the product you want!
  • Let's stop vapping bad or too expensive for the result!
  • Beginner Vapoteur, never be alone in front of an ocean of choice and price.
  • Experienced steamer, add expertise to your information.

Professional friendswe did not have you not forgotten, The Vapelier imagined a whole battery of services dedicated to you, to make you known to the vapers, as well as to help you in your daily quest to optimize your stocks ...Contact us to know more.

Our team :

If you too would like us rejoin, our door is wide open to all enthusiasts with a good pen.


Our promise:

All all this information is and will always be free of access to all the vapers that can register for free on our platforms (;;

Our mission:

We work every day to enlighten consumers to enable them to become a real force of influence and regulation facing all industrialists who work in a vortex in permanent transformation (our entire history and achievements are available HERE).

Vapoteurs, reviewers, resellers, join us, and together let's write the story of the vape.

We are The Vapelier, compare before vaper!