Royal Hunter by council of vapor [Flash Test]
Royal Hunter by council of vapor [Flash Test]

Royal Hunter by council of vapor [Flash Test]

A. Commercial specifications

  • PRODUCT NAME: Royal Hunter
  • BRAND: council of vapor
  • PRICE: 39.90
  • CATEGORY: Dripper
  • RESISTANCE: Double coil rebuildable

B. Data sheet

  • WEIGHT: 100
  • DOMINANT MATERIAL: Stainless steel
  • AIRFLOW: Variable but still air

C. Packaging

  • Packaging quality: Very good
  • Presence of a notice: Yes

D. Qualities and use

  • Overall quality: Very good
  • Quality of rendering: Very good
  • Stability of the rendering: Very good
  • Easy to use: Easy

E. Conclusions and comments of the user who authored the journal

Give yourself an entry ticket to the country of the vape with your royal hunter!
Here is a dripper that mixes charm with strength and flavor, the royal hunter says RH is a dripper that offers a disconcerting ease of assembly!
It is 4 positive 2 poles and 2 negative gives it all its simplicity, a good tank to accommodate your cotton or your fiber freak.
4 grooves will serve as air intakes, adjustable with a simple gesture, its drip top allows the vape, to invade you by direct inhalation without any effort, its grid honeycomb will retain all the projection of liquid during vaporization.
Very beautiful engraving at the base with the serial number that corresponds to the certificate of originality.
Very good conductivity.
In short with the RH you are sure to hit the nail.
Voila for these positive point.
But unfortunately as the day is at night the RH does not have only qualities.
On the version that I have which is one of the very first screws really leaves a lot to be desired, they are cruciform screws really very fine, which makes their use difficult.
The drip top (the big party that you put in the mouth) heats up quickly and given its material a lot of deposits come stick to it.
These are the 2 biggest defect of this dripper

To finish this dripper you will offer a very good compromise between volume of steam and flavor rendering
It comes on the market in several colors mine is a black gold (black and gold) but it exists in white or in Stanless Steel (SS)
You just have to get a good diameter of kanthal and a good cotton and it will be up to you to play

Note from the user author of the review: 4.8 / 5 4.8 5 out of stars

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